MLB Playoffs Betting

MLB Playoffs Betting

MLB Playoff betting is a fantastic end to the long and exhausting regular season for every baseball bettor. The MLB Postseason is as intense as any other sport when it comes to playoff betting action.

Five teams from the American League and National League make the postseason after the inclusion of two wild cards. This field is whittled down to a single team from each league that battle for the World Series Championship.

Baseball is one of the sports that has the most substantial betting handle due to its long season. The MLB Playoffs ramp up wagering action even further.

Those who bet all season long will have a better knowledge of the teams and players participating, further increasing their edge when it comes to playoff baseball bets. Most importantly, there will be more betting markets to choose from and larger betting limits.

Best Betting Sites For MLB Playoffs

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Betting On The MLB Playoffs

The rules of betting on baseball don’t change when betting on the MLB Playoffs. Instead, you will have a more extensive variety of wagering options and at most sportsbooks, higher limits. However, there are still a few basics to consider before you sign up at a sportsbook and start betting on the postseason.

  1. Choose A Baseball Betting Site – One mistake bettors make when signing up for online betting sites is choosing the first sportsbook they come across. There are hundreds of sites that take bets, but only a few MLB betting sites that we recommend. Properly researching a sportsbook before depositing is an absolute must. Lots of times novices deposit with a poor operator and their online betting experience is soured forever.
  2. SignUp And Make A Deposit – Once you have decided on a betting site, it’s time to sign-up. This is usually a simple process where you enter your information, create a password, and all that. Next comes getting a bonus and making a deposit. Almost all betting sites will offer deposit bonuses when you first sign up. Take advantage of these. There are lots of methods you can use for a deposit, such as credit cards and debit cards and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Choose Your Bet – There are a lot of betting options when it comes to betting on the MLB Playoffs. During the postseason, it’s likely that the games scheduled that day will be featured prominently on the sportsbook’s main page. However, they can always be accessed by looking at the operator’s full betting menu. Once you have decided on your betting market, you can click on it to add it to your bet slip. To learn more about baseball betting read our MLB Betting Guide.
  4. Place Your Bet – Once your selection is added to your bet slip, it’s time to choose your wager amount and confirm your bet. Be sure to check that you have selected the correct wager and amount before hitting confirm. Once you make a bet, it cannot be canceled. Some sites use two clicks for bet confirmations, but many sportsbooks are now opting for a one-click confirmation.
  5. Enjoy Playoff Baseball – Once you have placed your bets, it’s time to sit back and watch some ball! Although, after you have placed your pre-match wagers, there is still the option of live betting. MLB live betting is a great way to get more action on the games.

Bet On MLB Playoffs At These Top Baseball Betting Sites

We at Safest Betting Sites give you an honest analysis of the world of online sports betting.

If you want more information about these sites, don’t miss our page dedicated to reviewing the top online baseball betting sites.

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The Most Popular MLB Playoff Betting Markets

Variety of betting markets is essential to success at sports gambling and baseball betting. The best MLB playoff betting sites will have a large selection of bets or markets. Understanding how each market works and the options you have available is a must if you’re betting on baseball.

Individual Game Betting

These are basics when it comes to betting on baseball. Sides, totals, and runlines are all available for postseason games. MLB team totals are another popular market.

These bets will easily have the highest limits out of any postseason market and will be the most familiar to those that already bet on baseball. You will also find almost all of these bets available when live betting.

Baseball Series Betting

Series betting is a popular market when it comes to the MLB Playoffs. This bet type allows you to bet on which team will win a series rather than going game by game.

Bettors will need to decide if betting on the MLB series is the correct move, rather than wagering on a game-by-game basis.

Proposition Bets

MLB Props are anything to do with the game that is not related to the final scoreline. One of the most common MLB props is “will there be a run in the 1st inning?”. MLB propositions also include team and player props, such as the number of hits or strikeouts by a pitcher, or if a player will hit a home run or not.

Baseball Futures

World Series futures are outrights which allow bettors to wager on which team they believe will in the World Series.

They’re available throughout the regular season and up until the final two teams from each league meet in the world series. MLB future odds are updated daily and usually taken down during game action.

MLB Playoffs Betting Strategies

Sports bettors still want to follow basic MLB betting strategies when betting the postseason, with a few caveats.

But, for the most part, you shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel when it comes to MLB Playoff betting strategies. You’re mostly going to build off your existing betting knowledge of baseball and fine tune it for the postseason.

Know Your Stuff

Jumping into the baseball playoff betting with little knowledge of the teams or betting markets is a big mistake. It’s important to understand how all baseball betting markets work and to at least have the basics of the game down.

Learning as much as possible about the teams that make the playoffs can only be a positive.

Larger Public Betting Influence

It’s important to remember that blinding fading the public is not a betting strategy that we recommend. However, it’s essential to recognize the public betting influence on odds. It’s quite rare the public will move the odds for a regular-season baseball game, but that’s not the case in the postseason.

Lines will move a bit more rapidly when regarding the playoffs and may be influenced by the public a bit more compared to the regular season. This is something to keep in mind when handicapping.

Runeline Betting

Laying big money on favorites isn’t a strategy we generally recommend when you’re betting on betting sports.

The same can be said for the MLB Playoffs. Runlines come with a -1.5 spread, but runlines bets have plenty of value if you think a team may have a massive advantage over the other, but don’t want to lay -200 or more.

Bullpens Are Important

Teams are shelling out money for relievers in recent years. Closers and late-inning specialists, alike. Everyone pays attention to starting pitching, as they are prominently featured in baseball betting markets and a significant factor in the odds, but bullpen talent and usage is a significant factor that many forget.

Some teams will use relievers like starters, especially when it comes to playoffs baseball, as starters may get a quick pull if they’re not performing.

Maximize Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are available for anyone that is new to online betting, but many betting sites will offer bonuses for the MLB Playoffs and World Series.

Whether you’re getting a first-deposit bonus or a reload for the baseball playoffs, it’s essential to grab a bonus and maximize it. For instance, say if a bonus is 50% up to $250, then you would want deposit $500 to get the max bonus of $250.

MLB Playoffs Bracket 2021

2020 MLB Playoffs Printable Bracket

Another way to get more action on the MLB Playoffs is with an MLB Playoffs Bracket. and other websites hold playoff bracket contests. This is an excellent way to give yourself a bit more to play for in addition to betting on baseball.

Lots of bettors forget about bracket contests for baseball, as they’re far less common than the NCAA Tournament or other events, but they still exist and are an opportunity for extra profits.

Get Your Free Printable 2020 MLB Playoffs Bracket

MLB Playoff Betting Picks And Analysis

There are a few reasons we don’t advocate paying for picks. Luckily, we at Safest Betting Sites offer free picks all year long for every major sport.

We will have a lot of regular seasons MLB picks and won’t miss a game when it comes to the MLB Playoffs. You’re much better off handicapping the games yourself and looking for free picks online at SBS and sports betting forums.

Read Our Complete Guide About MLB Betting Strategies

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