New York Yankees Betting

The New York Yankees are the winningest franchise in baseball history. There is no doubt they are the most famous ball club in the world. By betting on the Yankees, you are investing in a team that has a will, and the team to win every time they step on the diamond. A season without a World Series triumph is a wasted year for New York.

People either love or hate the Yankees, but there is no middle-ground. You can’t be indifferent to their possible success. The New York Yankees are as polarizing as any sports franchise in the world. Their baseball caps are their most used on the planet, either for fashion or fandom.

The oddsmakers are very aware the Yankees are a solid team to bet on every year. Many experts say this could be, once again, their year.

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How to Bet On The New York Yankees

  1. Choose A Great MLB Sportsbook: There are plenty of top-rated sportsbooks online. Read our experts in-depth reviews of the top MLB betting sites and compare. Many of our experts have spent hours at these sites, making it easy to pick the best.
  2. Take Full Advantage of the Bonuses: Top-rated sportsbooks offer excellent bonuses to those signing up for the first time. Bonuses can go up to $1,000 in some cases. Before you can withdraw a bonus, you need to wager a certain amount. This is standard practice among betting sites; a requirement in most cases.
  3. Make Your Safe Deposit: After picking the right betting site, you can start the process of adding money to your account. This is very easy, fast, and secure. All betting sites allow you to make deposits with a credit or debit card. Others offer options like bank wires or cryptocurrencies.
  4. MLB Line Shopping: Looking for the best baseball betting lines available is nn effective gambling strategy. Don’t stick to just one sportsbook. Look around to see if any offer better odds you can profit from. Line shopping could be the difference between breaking even and winning a bigger payout.
  5. Place Your Bets on the Yankees: Always double-check the bet you are going to make. Be aware of the money you are investing on betting on the Yankees. Once you have made the wager: sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the ball game.

Will New York Yankees Win the 2019 World Series?

The Yankees haven’t won the World Series since 2009. Making their fans impatient with the front office. New York has a batting lineup that would scare anybody. But they also need a bullpen that can take them to the next level.

The number one task the Yankees have is to win the AL East division. They need to overpower the Boston Red Sox, the current World Series Champions. Boston doesn’t seem to have the same quality team as last season, and here’s where New York can take over.

Odds to Win the AL East Division
New York Yankees +100
Yankees to Win the AL East Bets At MyBookie Sportsbook

The betting odds have the Yankees at +500 to win the World Series. Their odds are the best from the 30 teams in the Major League with an implied probability of 20% of chances. Those are great odds considering other 29 ball clubs are trying to get to the World Series.

Odds to Win the World Series Futures
New York Yankees +500
Will The Yankees Win the World Series? Place Your Bets at MyBookie

The Yankees have the pressure to answer the Red Sox championship run from last season. Despite a mountain of injuries, they won early in the season. The oddsmakers are expecting New York to be better when they have a healthy roster

Popular New York Yankees Team Bets

The Yankees are the most famous franchise in the MLB. Making them one of the public’s favorite baseball team to bet on. New York is too popular of a franchise to skip over when you are looking around for the best MLB betting odds. Here are some of the most popular bets you can place on the New York Yankees:

New York Yankees Moneyline Bets

Placing a moneyline wager in baseball is as simple as any other sport. If you don’t know how this works, don’t worry about it. We are here to help. The moneyline bets are when you pick the team that wins the game. It doesn’t matter by how many runs, the difference in score, or the total number of runs they score. If you chose the winning side, then the bet is a winner.

Remember any moneyline odds are based on the amount needed to win $100.

Yankees Moneyline Bet Example

  • Boston Red Sox +135
  • New York Yankees -160

Were using the Redsox vs. Yankees, as these two teams are the biggest rivals in Major League Baseball. The Yankees are the favorite, as they have the minus (-) sign. The number next to the (–) sign is the amount of money we need to bet to win $100.

In this case, to bet on New York we need to wager $160 to profit $100. If the Yankees win the game, we get back the $160 initial bet, as well as $100 in winnings.

Things are different when we bet on the other side. The Red Sox are underdogs in this scenario. This means a $100 bet on Boston will pay $135 in return. The sportsbook will pay out the $135 plus the $100 wager. The moneyline is the simplest bet to understand when gambling on sports.

New York Yankees Run Lines

The run lines in baseball are like the puck lines in hockey. Moreso than they are to the spread in football or basketball. It’s a very simple concept. The run difference between the winning team and the losing team determines the outcome of the wager.

The run lines are usually attached to the starting pitcher on both teams. The pitching lineup will be the main factor to consider a team favorite over another. The ballpark and the momentum will have some weight. It’s more important to find out the scheduled pitcher, and who their opponent is. Here’s an example:

  • Boston Red Sox -1.5 (+145) | David Price – L
  • New York Yankees +1.5 (-170) | Masahiro Tanaka – R

The team with the minus (-) in the run line also has the (+) odds in the vig. The vigorish is the amount charged by a sportsbook for taking a bet from a gambler.

In this case, Boston is +145 in the -1.5 run line. To win the bet and get a payout, the Red Sox need to win by two runs or more. A $100 bet on Boston will payout $145, if they win by a difference of two runs or more.

The Yankees are -170 in the +1.5 run line. For the bet to win and payout, the Yankees can either:

  • Win the game outright.
  • Lose by only one run in the score difference.

The bettor needs to lay down $170 to profit $100.

New York Yankees Run Total Betting

Betting on the game or run total during the New York Yankees’ game is a popular bet among baseball fans. The Yankees usually have big hitter in their lineup. This made them popular for playing high-scoring games. This season is the same, as they have Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. They constantly try to outscore each other and hit as many home runs as they can.

The game total refers to the number of runs scored in a game by both teams combined. The game total includes overtime. The sportsbooks making the odds will provide a predicted number of runs scored. Bettors can place a bet on whether the matchup will finish Over or Under that number.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals Run Total Bet Example

  • Total: 9 Runs Over (-110) / Under (-110)

If you bet on the Over 9 runs, the Red Sox and the Yankees would have to score ten or more runs combined. If you bet on the Under, the combined score of eight runs or fewer win be a winner. If both teams score exactly 9 runs, the bet is a PUSH, and the money wagered on either side is returned to the player.

New York Yankees Futures

The futures bets are a simple way to prove your faith on a team down the road. Sometimes it’s not even about showing faith, but finding value in the odds given by the oddsmakers.

A future bet is a wager you make in the present, but collect the winning at a later date. And only if the result is correct. Yankees future bets consist of the team winning a division title, League Pennant, or the World Series.

Yankees Futures Bet Example

You can find the New York Yankees futures odds to win the World Series at +420 at most online sportsbooks*. You can place the bet right now, but you won’t receive your winnings until late October. And only if the Yankees win the World Series title.

The wager works exactly like a moneyline. Bettors need to pick an outright winner and then hope the result goes their way. In this case, a $100 bet on the Yankees to win the World Series pays out $420.

Odds are subject to change. Always check the latest lines and odds.

New York Yankees Live Betting

Live betting allows you to place a wager on a Yankees game that is currently in play. Let’s say you are watching the Yankees face the Red Sox, but forgot to place a bet before it started. Go to the live betting feature. You can place any number of different wagers the sportsbook offers.

The live betting option works well for baseball, as you can take advantage of the moves the manager makes. Let’s say the Red Sox manager pulls his starting pitcher and the reliever is not as solid.

In the Yankees lineup, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are coming up to bat. New York is down on the scoreboard. This is a great situation to bet on the Yankees and expect a turnaround. The odds might not be in your favor, but by watching the game you gain value in the minute by minute action.

Live betting on baseball is a great way to enhance your bankroll and profits.

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New York Yankees Prop Bets

New-York Yankees Game Props Example

New-York Yankees Game Props

Sportsbooks make a variety of baseball bets available for their members. Some bets are random and not as common as the ones we talked about before. These are propositional bets or prop bets. They offer a better entertainment, as well asmore chances to make some money.

Prop bets are usually attached to an in-game situation or player. Here are some Yankees prop examples:

  • You can bet on how many home runs Aaron Judge will score during a specific match.
  • How many runs the Yankees score in the third inning.

Betting sites also offer odds if you are betting on a pitcher, like:

  • How many strikeouts Masahiro Tanaka will get in a particular start.
  • How many home runs will he allow.

Propositional bets are not attached to the result of a game, making them fun to place.

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The 50% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus is hard to overlook and the payout times are fast. Sportsbetting is the top betting site in the industry and easily the most professional. They offer competitive odds in all sports, especially for baseball; from propositions to live betting.

legality of betting on the new york yankeesIn 2013 New York passed a law that allowed sports betting in four specific location within the state. The bill got banned in 2018, but got reintroduced in 2019. Betting on baseball will soon be legal again in NY.

The MLB has been open about introducing sports betting into baseball. The league hasn’t been shy to admit this is where sports are headed one way or another. Back in November, the MLB signed a deal with the MGM Resorts International. The deal gave access to data and official logos of the MLB to MGM. It also sends a clear message that the league has an open policy towards sports betting.

Eight states have legal sports gambling in the United States. Nevada, of course, started it all. New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and West Virginia soon followed.

In the next months, Arkansas will become the ninth state to legalize sports betting. Everything is approved; it is just a matter of time. New York is next in line. At this point, at least 38 states have either approved or discussed the idea of legalizing sports gambling. Many of them have gone further than just discussions. Ten more states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, and Missouri have drafted or introduced bills to be reviewed. In 2020, we predict all these states will allow sports betting.

New bettors don’t need sports gambling to be legal in their specific state to experience betting on the Yankees. Gambling online is more popular than betting at a local sportsbook. Think about it, who wants to drive to a bookie, when you can have the same or even more options right on your computer.

Online betting sites have been around for years. Many offer amazing products and services. There are several sportsbooks with great sign-up bonuses and fast payouts. Society does everything online now; betting on baseball is no different.

Breaking Down the New York Yankees 2019 Season

This is the 119th season of the New York Yankees. If things go their way, they will achieve their 41st Pennant and 28th World Series victories. The team is under manager Aaron Boone for the second season in a row. After getting to the playoffs last year, they expect to make it into the World Series.

This serves as the last season for starting pitcher CC Sabathia, who announced he will step down at the end of the year. The Yankees also signed pitcher Luis Severino to a four-year, $40 Million deal.

The Yankees played during opening day against the Baltimore Orioles; they won 7-2. New York will face their first inter-league game in a two-game series against the New York Mets on June 10 & 11. They also play a London Series on June 29 & 30 against the Boston Red Sox. Those games are played at the London Stadium, home of the West Ham United of the Premier League.

New York’s 2019 season has started with a lot of injuries. At some point the injury list included 13 names. Perhaps none more significant than Aaron Judge, who left the team’s lineup late in April with an strained oblique. The team’s statement about the injury described it as “pretty serious”.

Despite the injuries, the Yankees have had a solid start of the season, taking advantage of a weak schedule. To get a postseason spot and a World Series run they need to be healthy, especially during the second part of the year.

New York Yankees Team Rivalries

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox Rivalry

The Yankees vs. Red Sox is the biggest rivalry in the MLB, and it has been around for over 100 years. Not only does it involve two of the most winning teams in the majors, but they are two divisional rivals. The games between New York and Boston are the most watched during the MLB season.

One of the biggest myths inside the rivalry has to do with the “Curse of the Bambino.” The curse started when Babe Ruth was sold by the Red Sox to the Yankees. He’s considered one of the best baseball players ever. The curse had Boston with a 86-year drought without winning the World Series. When the Red Sox finally won the title, they made a comeback from a 0-3 playoffs hole to win 4-3. It was the first time a team came back from 0-3 to win a postseason game in the MLB.

New York Yankees vs. New York Mets Rivalry

Despite the Yankees and the Mets not being in the same league, they have a slight rivalry going on. This is mainly because both teams are from New York City. They met in the 2000 World Series that was a called by the media the “Subway Series”. The Yankees ended up winning the title in five games.

The Yankees are considered the big team in New York and the Mets, the ugly little brother. This also heats up the rivalry from time to time.

New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Rivalry

Another high stakes rivalry is between the Yankees and Dodgers. Both ball clubs have met 11 times during the World Series; more than any other two teams in Major League Baseball. The Dodgers used to play in Brooklyn, so that added fuel to the rivalry.

Each is considered the dominant team on their respective coast of the United States. The Yankees are on the East Coast and the Dodgers on the West Coast.

New York Yankees Key Players

The combination of a good bullpen and some great hitters will make the Yankees a winner throughout the season. They have three huge names that can carry them deep into the postseason. Here are the Yankees most important players:

Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka - New York Yankees PitcherEvery team that looks for a deep run in the playoffs needs a starting pitcher that can take them far; especially against big lineups. With CC Sabathia on a retirement tour, Tanaka is that player. Masahiro has been with the team five seasons, and has a 3.59 career ERA. It might sound a little high, but the Yankees trust him.

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge - New York YankeesThe Yankees is a franchise known to have huge stars on their roster. Aaron Judge is precisely that. He might be a superhuman playing baseball with the strength many have not seen before. Judge is a player that goes all or nothing at every at-bat. He’s on his fourth season with the Yankees. In his second season, Judge hit 57 home runs. New York is looking for that same performance every year.

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton - New York YankeesJust like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton is a home run machine with insane strength. When Stanton arrived from Miami to New York, many complained the Yankees had two monster batters. As they felt it was unfair for the rest of the league. Stanton has a combined 97 home runs in the last two seasons.

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