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Betting On NCAA Basketball Teams

Betting On College Basketball Teams

If you are looking for a sport’s season that offers nearly endless betting opportunities, that would be NCAA Men’s Basketball. This is especially true when betting on elite level college basketball teams.

Ther are 350 schools that play in 32 conferences in the United States; all are full members of Division I athletics. College basketball Saturdays have over 100 games!

What makes it even better is that the regular season starts in November and ends in March. We all know what happens then — March Madness! This gives you another 6 months to place your wagers.

You can place countless bets on any of the top college basketball teams.

Top College Basketball Teams To Bet On

Even though there are 350 teams to pick from, you may not want to bet on all of them. This is why our sports betting experts have hand-picked the best college basketball teams you can bet on:

How Do You Know Which Team Is Good To Bet On?

The simplest answer is that a team is good to bet on if they are:

  • The Team Betting Odds – When looking at the odds, this can be a huge indicator if there is an advantage to be had. Read all of our other expert’s advice to get the advantage when looking at the team odds.
  • A Nationally-Ranked Team – This means that the college basketball team or program have accomplished great things during the season, as well as the previous season. This lets you get a glimpse of how they perform and bet on their games.
  • School Has A Great Program – Teams that perform the best usually have something other than just their players that make them great. It can be as basic as looking at who the team’s coach is to understand how a team could perform.

Why You Should Bet On College Basketball Teams

When you look to place your bets, it is the individual teams that will help you decide if a bet is worth it or not; for the most part. You do need to understand the betting odds and strategies, but having a knowledge of the conference, league, and coaches will substantially improve your chances of becoming a winning CBB bettor.

As you look at the betting lines for any NCAA Men’s Basketball game, look at:

  • The teams that are playing.
  • What players are starting, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Who their head coach is and their play-style.
  • How they have performed previously in similar situations during the current season.

Rosters change a lot each year, making it harder to get a long-term analysis of a base-line performance. This is exactly what makes it so exciting to bet on college basketball teams!

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Joseph Falchetti

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