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College Football Parlay BetsCollege football parlay betting involves linking two or more individual bets together into one wager. Football parlay is the most popular online betting market aside from sides and totals. They’re also simple to understand and far less complicated than teasers. Betting on college football is a distant second to NFL football when it comes to betting handle, but it’s still one of the most bet sports in the United States.

College football parlay bets offer several unique advantages over NFL wagering, such as a much more extensive selection of betting opportunities and bowl season. In practice, betting parlays on college football isn’t different compared to the NFL. But, there are some specifics to keep in mind when betting on the college game and when betting football parlays. Profitability for college parlays has more upside than NFL football because of the more considerable amount of games that are played. Betting college football parlays online is now easier than ever.

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How College Football Parlay Bets Work

Parlays are multiple wager selections that all must win for the bet to be graded as a winner. Parlays can be made of up of point spreads, totals, and moneyline bets. They’re different from teasers in that the point spread and total are not altered and that they offer higher payouts. In the case of a push, a parlay will be reverted to a lesser number of teams.

If instance, if you bet a 3-team parlay and one leg pushes, then it would be downgraded to a 2-team parlay, and the payout would be adjusted. In the case of a 2-team parlay when one bet is a winner, and the other is a push, it would be downgraded to a straight wager. There is no betting site that should be grading parlays as a loss if one of the bets push. This could happen when betting with local bookies. If your sportsbook or bookie grades parlays that have a push in them as a loss, even if all the other bets win – find another place to bet.

How To Get Better At Picking College Football Parlays

College football parlays can be profitable wagers, but just like everything else in sports betting – they take a bit of know-how and hard work. There are a few basics to understand before we move into deep betting strategy.

Always Wager with the Best Odds

College Football Parlays OddsParlay odds won’t typically vary much between college football betting sites but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find the gambling site with best payouts. Almost all sportsbooks pay +264 on 2-team parlays, but there are some differences at 3-teams. A few sites will pay +595 versus +600. If you’re betting a lot of 3-team parlays, be sure you’re betting them at +600 to maximize your winnings.

Only Bet 2-3 College Football Team Parlays

The edge on parlays higher than 2-3 teams is far too high for anyone to turn a profit over time. The sportsbooks have an edge on all parlay bets, but their advantage is far more substantial when you go back to three teams. Stick to 2-3 parlays and don’t go any higher.

Use Open Parlays

Open college football parlays allow you to place a parlay bet but leave some of the selections open so that you can place them later. This will enable you to look for more profitable bets or place a parlay bet if you’re unsure about the other selections. Many college betting websites don’t have a time limit on open parlays, provided there is no losing bet as part of the selections.

Best College Football Betting Sites For Parlay Bets

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College Football Parlay Betting Strategy

Now that we have the basics down, it’s time to move onto a bit more of betting strategy. It is important to note that bettors should incorporate college football strategy betting strategy into all their wagers. It’s not specific to parlay strategy, but it will help in making profitable and winning bets, which is essential to beating college football parlays. To learn more about betting on college football visit our NCAA Football Betting Guide.

Correlated Parlays

Don't Bet Correlated ParlaysWe don’t recommend betting correlated parlays as a blanket strategy, but they can have some value if you’re an expert on college football. However, many online sportsbooks won’t allow correlated parlays. A correlated parlay basically means that one event is related to another or one event is likely to happen if another does.

For instance, if there are dark clouds, there will most likely be rain. In the case of football, it’s more along the lines of, if this team, usually the favorite scores a lot of points, the game will likely go over. So, many bettors parlay the favorite and the over. Or, if the game is a defensive one, then the underdog is likelier to cover because there won’t be as many points scored. In this case, they would parlay the underdog and the under.

Use College Parlays to Clear Bonuses

Just about every college football betting site will offer users a free play bonus when they sign up for the first time. This bonus differs compared to cash because bonuses only return the win and not the staked amount. So, to clear bonuses, parlays make a lot more sense.

Circumventing Betting Limits

College football sides and totals will always have lower limits than the pro game, which is one of the most significant downsides to betting college sports compared to professional sports. However, if you maximize your betting limit on a side or total – you can still wager more on a bet you like if you add it into a parlay. This will allow you to get more money down on profitable bets.

Team Parlay Betting Odds At College Football Betting Sites

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