NCAA Football Betting

While the NFL gets most of the national ink, college football is not far behind in TV ratings. In fact, in many parts of the country people follow college teams more heavily than their professional counterparts. Attendance wise, the NCAA can pride itself on the fact that it draws more fans to their stadiums.

In areas where there isn’t a professional team, college football is usually one of the most popular sports in the region. Football programs bring in millions of dollars for universities all around the United States. College football perhaps has the largest following in the Deep South, which is home to Southeastern Conference. The SEC is perennially one of the toughest conferences in college football.

The amount bet on college football isn’t nearly as much some sports, but it’s still one of the largest markets for NCAA Football betting sites. Bowl season is an especially popular time to bet on NCAA football.

The amount of college games per week dwarfs the NFL by a large margin. There are dozens of games from a variety of different conferences and divisions. Those who are knowledgeable about smaller market teams can profit heavily on college football betting if they know their stuff.

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NCAA Football Betting Strategy

College football is immensely profitable for bettors who take the time to learn each team and conference. That’s quite a bit of work, but if you’re looking to gain an edge over the NCAA Football betting sites – it’s one of the best ways to find efficiencies. You may be able to get the jump on line moves with a deeper knowledge of the smaller conference teams, especially if you bet early.

NCAA Football Season

ncaa football bettingNCAA football has several divisions, some which are more widely available for betting compared to others. All Division I games are available for wagering at most betting sites, though there are some exceptions for lesser known schools. This is a huge pool of games each week of the 13-game college football regular season. There are over 115 teams in just Division I alone. Division II will be available at certain bookmakers, but they rarely offer Division III games.

Division I college football was heavily criticized for years for their lack of a playoff, despite lower divisions deciding their national champions with that format. As of 2014, that has changed.

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is now history, though there will still be a number of bowl games that aren’t part of the playoff format. Under the new format, four teams play in two semifinal games, with the winners advancing to the newly created College Football Championship Game.

The first two playoff games will rotate yearly at traditional bowl sites, such as the Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl. The Championship Game’s location will also change annually. The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas held the inaugural College Football Championship Game in January, 2014.

NCAA Football Betting Types

Betting markets for NCAA football won’t be as vast as NFL markets. However, there is no real difference between the two sports when it comes to betting sites, markets, and bet types. Point spread wagering, moneylines, and totals are all graded the same. Other markets won’t be as plentiful as the pro game, but these are also increasing every year.

Point Spread

point spreads
The point spread is going to garner the lion’s share of college football bets. There’s no difference in point spread betting rules when it comes to college compared to the pros.

Unlike the NFL, where double-digit point spreads are fairly uncommon, the typical board on an NCAA Saturday will have loads of double-digit favorites. Each week, players will see dozens of games with larger point spreads, including some at 30 points or higher.

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Moneyline wagers are less common at college football betting because of the larger spreads, but they are still available at many betting sites. Bettors will simply need to pick the team that wins outright. They don’t need to worry about the spread.

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The number of points scored in the game by both teams are the Totals, also known as Over/Under wagers. In college football bets, the total includes points scored in both regulation and overtime.

Scoring is generally much higher in college due to two key rule differences: The clock stops every time the offense gets a first down, and players need to put only one foot in bounds for a catch to count. The NCAA Football betting sites take this into consideration when posting the odds.

Whereas NFL totals are usually not above 55 points, college games can regularly have game totals above 70 points or higher. There is no shortage of points in most contests.

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You can play Parlays with point spreads and totals, or a combination, but all bets or legs in the wager must win for the bettors to profit. If one of the selections pushes, the parlay will be reverted to a lesser number of teams.

College football parlays are of the fixed odds variety. Bettors can bet a minimum of two teams or, depending on the betting site, up to twelve.

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Like parlays, all legs of a teaser must win for the bet to cash out. If one of the legs is a push, the teaser will revert to a lower number. Teasers can range from 6 points all the way up to 20 points depending on the options available at your NCAA Football sportsbook.

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Future markets for NCAA football betting is centered on the Division I College Football Championship Game. This is generally the only choice when it comes to college futures, but some NCAA Football betting sites will offer future markets on the winner of the Heisman Trophy as well. Unlike the NFL, where many sportsbooks offer divisional betting, there are not yet markets for conference champions.

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NCAA proposition markets aren’t nearly as popular as the National Football League, but bettors will be able to find a fairly decent market before the season starts and each week of college football.

The most common are team and player props. The total number of receiving yards, passing yards, and rushing yards are the standard type of props gamblers might see available for the college game.

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Live Betting

live betting

Live betting is becoming a mainstay for just about every sport, not only the ones with a large following. NCAA football live betting is widely available at the vast majority of sportsbooks.

Live betting options include live spread and total wagering, along with player and team propositions. Bettors will be able to bet on the outcome of each play, the outcome of each drive, and more.

Live betting options vary the most between sites. If this is a market you want to focus heavily on, it’s worth checking out which sites offer the most options and best odds.

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