NCAA Football Betting Strategy

Many bettors try to use tried and true betting strategies for NFL Football when betting the college NCAA games. Sure, there are similarities between the professional and amateur game, after all, they’re both American football, but betting NCAA Football is a different beast compared to the NFL football.

Look-Ahead & Let-Down Spots – Football Betting Strategy

We all know look-ahead and let-down spots can be trouble affect professional athletes being paid millions, how do you think this translates into the college game? These kids aren’t being paid and are undoubtedly more emotional and less prepared mentally than their professional counterparts.

Teams coming off emotional wins against lowly opponents are an excellent situation to target. Likewise, teams that are playing a critical game a week later against a top team or conference opponent may be due for a letdown the week before. College football offers a ton of situational handicapping.

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College Football Betting Strategy

Of course, some coaches prepare their teams better than others. Teams will a lot of upperclassmen will also likely be able to hand the ups and downs of a season better. Luckily, in the social media age, we can usually get a good bead on how teams are feeling during the week and by follow the sport closely, we’ll know which coaches are the best at keeping teams players their A game.

Many forget that players are human beings just like everyone else. They may not get up for a game for a variety of reasons. Looking at a team’s schedule before the season and identifying potential look-ahead or let-down spots ahead of time can give you a jump that few other bettors are considering. If these spots meet the criteria you’re looking for when the time comes, you can jump on the lines early without hesitation.

Road Favorites Can Be Fool’s Gold In College Football

The oddsmakers make a living profiting off of favorites and overs, two of the most popular wagers of the general public. This isn’t college football specific, but it is one sport that road favorites seem particularly appealing, especially away from home, facing poor competition.

Like college basketball arenas, college football stadium can be brutal places to play for opposing teams. Players and coaches don’t just have a rabid and usually drunk section of students to worry about, but entire communities who support their college football teams with greater dedication than even the biggest professional teams.

Bettors might believe they are getting a “discount” when a powerhouse travels to face a weak team on the road, but don’t be a fool, it’s obviously priced into the line. Home teams have an advantage for a reason – games on the road are harder to win, it’s that simple. You’re playing right into the hands of the sportsbooks when you look for betting spots that involve favorites on the road.

College Football Betting – Statistics Can Be Deceiving

More than any other sport, statistics can be extremely deceiving in college football. Due to the gargantuan differences in talent in college football, ranked teams can run over college football’s worst teams in decisive fashion. This type of talent disparity doesn’t exist in the NFL.

NCAA Football bettingSeptember marks the beginning of the college football season, which is what amounts to a warm-up for the big conferences as they face off against low-level teams, many from the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision). Essentially, it’s preseason for these top schools against these schools that shouldn’t be on the same field together.

These schools might average 10 yards per carry running the ball against these cupcakes and fly up the national rankings in terms of offense. They also may shut out their opponents and shoot up the defensive rankings as well. Remember, college football pundits and stat sites alike often refer to the national rank in terms of offense, defense, among other statistics.

Football Betting Strategy – Rankings

Knowing a team is 20th in the league in defense or 10th in offense doesn’t give us much information in terms of actual handicapping value. The strength of schedule, the caliber of opponents that a team faces, is the most important factor in evaluating college football statistics.

Bettors can hurt themselves by using these national rankings and not evaluating how teams performed based on their competition. While a team may have no issue rolling through a Swiss cheese defense, their averages may drop substantially once they face tougher competition.

Analyzing a team’s statistics and factoring their performances against tougher competition (and their degree of dominance on much worse opponents) is going is the best way to get behind the numbers and give you an edge when handicapping.