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College Football Props bettingCollege football prop bets are becoming more popular, growing in number each year, and coming with more betting interest; although sides, totals, and money lines still get the most money wagered. This is especially true when it comes to Bowl Season and the NCAA Football Playoff. There are several reasons to attack college proposition bets.

If you’re a college football die-hard, then proposition bets may offer more profitable betting opportunities compared to traditional wagers. Those knowledgeable about the teams and players will be able to break down the matchups and have an edge on the oddsmakers. Though bet limits will be lower when it comes to NCAA props compared to larger markets –they’re still one of the best options for gaining an edge and fattening your bankroll.

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How College Prop Bets Work

NCAA Football proposition bets are betting markets that are not related to the final score of the game or total. Instead, props are centered around the performance of a specific player or team. In some cases, they’re related to factors outside the game, such as the number of fans in attendance or the length of the National Anthem and so on. When it comes to betting props on college football, they will usually fall under two categories, player and team propositions. All statistics accumulated for grading props count regular time and overtime.

College Football Player Prop Bets

Player prop bets are related to the outcome of players, usually to the offensive output. Props on individual defensive players are rarer but may be found at college betting sites. The most common player propositions surround how many yards a might catch or a quarterback might throw or if a player will score a touchdown or not.

Saquon Barkley – Rushing Yards

  • Saquon Barkley 100.5 Rushing Yards – Over (-115)
  • Saquon Barkley 100.5 Rushing Yards – Under (-115)

In this player prop, we are betting on the number of rushing yards Saquon Barkley will have in the game. Bettors can either wager on the over or under yardage. This bet type is simple to understand. If you bet the over, then Barkley must have more than 100.5 rushing yards to win, and if you bet the under, then Barkley must have under 100.5 rushing yards for your bet to be a winner.

Saquon Barkley – Will He Score A Touchdown?

  • Yes -160
  • No +140

Now we are betting on if Barkley will score a touchdown in the game. Again, this is a simple to understand the market. He is a -160 favorite to score a touchdown and a +140 underdog not to score a touchdown. If he scores a touchdown in the game, then the ‘Yes’ side wins and if he does not then the ‘No’ side will be the winner.

More College Football Playoff Props

College Football Playoffs Props Betting Again, these are just some of the examples of college football player props. When it comes to the bigger games, such as bowls or the CFB Playoffs, there may be dozens or more player prop bets per game. Passing yardage, number of receptions, and tackles for defensive players are all markets you find at some sportsbooks that have the best college football prop bets.

College Football Team Prop Bets

Instead of a focus on player performances, team propositions, center on the teams. Most betting sites will have the basics when it comes to team props. However, like player propositions, it is up to the oddsmaker how many team prop bets they have available for each game or team. Let’s look at an example of the most common college football team prop, “Which team will score first?”

Which Team Will Score First?

  • Clemson To Score First +120
  • Alabama To Score First -140

The “score first prop bet” you will see on every betting site for both NFL and NCAA football. How to win this bet is simple, select the team which will score the first points. These can be any sort of points, including a field goal, touchdown, or even a safety.  Here Alabama is the favorite at -140 and Clemson is an underdog at +120.

Other College Football Team Props

There are lots of alternatives when it comes to betting team and game props. Which team will win the coin toss or which side will kick the first field goal are other familiar college football team prop bets. The bigger the game, the more propositions available for betting.

Best College Football Betting Sites For Prop Bets

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How To Get Better At Picking College Football Prop Bets

Being a successful college football prop bettor is a different skill-set than betting on point spreads and totals. It’s a much narrower view of the game and involves diving into the individual matches on the field. Of course, knowledge of the basics of sports betting and college football betting markets help tremendously. There are a few basic tips that will help you profit from college football prop bets.

Tip #1 – Learn More About Bigger Conferences and Teams

While focusing on smaller conferences in college football is a strong strategy –it’s not an ideal one for betting props. Player prop bets will not likely be available for smaller conference schools. They’re most likely only going to be offered on Big Ten, SEC, and other prominent high ranked conferences and schools. You will need to break down and study these players and teams because that’s where most of the player prop markets will be focused.

Tip #2 – Prepare For Bowl Season

College Bowls Prop BettingIncreasing your knowledge of player and teams and using that knowledge during the Bowl Season to bet on team and player props is an excellent idea. In many cases, some sportsbooks won’t even have player propositions available until the Bowl Season starts and ends with the National Championship.

If you have been following the teams and players closely all season, then you will likely have an edge if you want to attack propositions. There are more props available for bigger games, and the betting limits may be higher.

Tip #3 – Chose A Sportsbook with Competitive Odds and Lots of Props

If you’re trying to find the best college football prop bets, then you should do some recon before depositing at an online sportsbook. Every betting website online allows you to view their markets before depositing, so check and see if they have a lot of college football props and what the betting limits are for those markets. You can also look at pricing. Most sportsbooks have a default -115 pricing for both sides of prop bets. However, you may see some betting sites offer a discount. For example, has a base pricing of -114 on their proposition bets.

College Football Propositions Betting Strategy

The above tips will help you get started developing a profitable strategy for beating college football props, but there are still some more strategies to implement. Some of these fall under the basics of sports betting, but you will be shocked how few bettors execute the fundamentals properly or make rookie mistakes. The key to profiting from any form of betting, including props, is always following the basics then building from there.

Strategy #1 – Always Line Shop

Line shopping is a paramount strategy when it comes to betting sports and becoming profitable. We recommend using multiple sportsbooks when betting college football props. This will give you a wide selection of prices, which is vital, as odds when betting propositions will have a lot more variation compared sides and totals. It will also allow you to bet more if you use multiple sportsbooks. Proposition bets have much lower limits than sides and totals, so this always helpful for betting more money on props you like.

Strategy #2 – Choose A Sportsbook That Will Pay You

NCAA Football Betting WebsitesToo many bettors still make the mistake of signing up and depositing at the first online betting site they come across. This is a huge mistake. Not only are there lots of scam sportsbooks out there, but there is a big difference between the middle tier shops and the elite betting sites. We break down the top college sportsbooks online and give bettors the best of the best when it comes to betting markets, payout speeds, and bonuses.

Strategy #3 – Maximize Your Bonuses

Most college football betting sites won’t allow wagering of bonus money or freeplay on proposition bets, but that’s still no reason not to opt for a bonus offer when you make a new account at a sportsbook. There are plenty of other markets to target with bonus or freeplay funds, and you’re simply missing out on tons of value if you don’t maximize your bonus offers. If you’re new to sports betting – there are easily thousands of dollars of freeplay available across multiple online betting sites.

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