NCAA Football Totals Betting

NCAA football totals betting are much higher compared to their professional counterparts. While the average total in the NFL is just over 37 points, there are occasionally games that get above 55, but few reach the 60-point plateau. This is a mark that many games reach every Saturday in NCAA football.

The college football game has totals in the 70s every week and some as high as the low to mid-80s occasionally. The average listed total by the oddsmakers is just above 48 points. And with a shift towards offense, these numbers continue to rise year after year. Like all other major sports, totals are the more attractive market for savvy bettors.

If bettors take a look at wagering limits at sides and compare them to totals, they will see quite the substantial difference in limits. Limits on sides are usually for 4-5 times higher than they are on totals. The oddsmakers know this is an area where sharps can hurt them, and it shows in terms of betting limits.

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College Football Betting Strategy

Many amateur bettors write off totals altogether, instead opting to bet points spreads, mostly for entertainment reasons. This is a big mistake. Sportsbooks are much weaker when it comes to totals, particularly when it comes to college sports.

Just about every professional team is written about and covered extensively. This is because they are simply more fans surrounding professional teams and they predominantly exist in larger markets. The increase in popularity among fans turns into more dollars wagered on professional sports compared to the college game, at least, for the most part. Since larger amounts of money is wagered on professional sports, (aside from March Madness) these markets will be more heavily focused by the oddsmakers.

Lean Towards Unders When Betting College Football

As we discuss in several articles at SafestBettingSites, the betting public tends to favor wagering on favorites and overs. This is true for just about every market. The sports media glamorizes offense, and that is where the money usually goes when it comes from the sports betting masses.

NCAA Football bettingIt’s true that totals have increased in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the betting the under has become a worse wager. The increase in points has clearly been appropriately adjusted by the sportsbooks.

Bettors can do themselves a favor if they take a look at the board and look for spots to bet under rather than over, provided they find an excellent price via line shopping, of course. There’s generally going to be more value with unders. However, this doesn’t mean you should take a bad line simply because you want to avoid betting the over.

Injury Factors and Matchups In NCAA Football

One of the ways bettors can get an edge evaluating totals is by considering injury factors. Especially late in the season, each team is dealing with a fair number of injuries some more notable than others. Star players or key positions will get most of the ink in sports media circles, but it’s the lesser known guys who will be forced into action that may ultimately make the difference how many points are scored.

How teams respond to injuries not only affects their status as a favorite or an underdog, but their ability to score points or stop their opponent is directly related to the total as well. Predicting how changes to offense or defense might affect game flow will give you a much better barometer of how a game might play out. With closely matched teams, a play or two here or there may end up being the difference via the point spread, but if you can figure old how a game will be from a tempo perspective you may be able to comfortably predict the outcome regardless of a victory.

There’s no substitute for knowledge when it comes to evaluating matchups. Some teams can run the offense with close to the same precision even with their starting quarterback sidelined. Others may be based on several key players and without them, the offense will struggle.

NCAA Football Coaching Motivations

It’s ultimately up to the coaches in regards to how hard a team presses once it gets a lead. This is especially true for teams that may be massive favorites over their opponents.

If you have college football coach that is eager to run up the score, even once the backups enter the game, that’s a factor to consider when betting the total. On the flip side, if the game gets out of hand, other coaches may opt to run out the clock by simply running the ball.