2018 NFL Power Rankings

2018 NFL Power RankingThere isn’t a consensus when it comes to NFL power rankings for betting. Many utilize different formulas, and it wouldn’t make sense for a sharp sports bettor to share his formula with the masses if he was crushing the sportsbooks with his spreadsheets. Further, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to create your own NFL power rankings.

They can be as simple as assigning each team a numeric value and creating your own point spreads from there, but they can also be incredibly complex. The key is that this is another tool in your betting arsenal to use to make profitable NFL bets. When it comes to the NFL, just about every sports publication, big and small, have their own set of NFL power rankings, including ESPN, USA Today, and the league itself, at NFL.com.

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Make Your Own 2018 NFL Power Rankings

The rankings at sites mentioned above may follow some sort of formula or may be the opinion of a particular staff member or team of writers. For betting purposes, using a single set of power rankings from a trusted publication alone won’t directly translate into betting profits, but there may be some value in using consensus numbers.

However, when it comes to sports betting, there is another way to look at power rankings or power ratings. Sports bettors can make their power rankings to determine their edge against the oddsmakers by creating their own point spread odds. These typically involve both subjective (opinion) and objective (statistics) criteria. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to make your own NFL power rankings system. If you want to learn more about pro football bets and strategies read our NFL Betting Guide.

Create a Basic Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings tableFor instance, let’s say we rated each team based on their ability on a numeric scale. In this NFL ranking system, let’s say the best team would be rated as a 10 and the worst team a 1. Sure, this is simplistic, but it’s the simplest form creating your rankings before moving on into more advanced stuff. The New England Patriots, coming off one of their elite seasons, we decide to rate as a 9 to start the year. The Cleveland Browns, a team that seems to be perpetually rebuilding, might be rated as a 1.

Using our extremely basic grading system, we see that the Patriots have an 8 point (9 – 1 = 8) advantage over the Browns. New England also happens to be playing at home, which is traditionally worth three points in the minds of the sportsbooks. Our rudimentary power ranking system here tells us that the Patriots should be favored by 8 points on a neutral field, but 11 points with their home field advantage. Of course, this is a highly basic form of power rankings, but making it more advanced is simple. We can assign values for defense, offense, coaching, special teams and other categories, including advanced statistics.

Defense, Offense, and Coaching

Let’s start with defense, offense, and coaching. Our rating for New England, in this case, might be a 7 for defense, 8 for offense and a 10 for coaching. Love him or hate him, there is no doubt Bill Belichick is the best coach in the league. And for the Browns, well, they’re at the bottom of the barrel offensively, but their defense has been better in recent years. We will give them a 3 for offense, 7 for defense, and a 3 for coaching.

How To Calculate NFL Power Rankings

Our NFL power ratings for the Patriots add up to 25 (7+8+10 = 25). The numbers for the Browns add up to 13 (7+3+3= 13). We can get our advantage by subtracting the team with the lower rating by the team with the higher rating. In this case, it’s 13. Add in our three-point home field advantage and the Patriots are rather large 16 point favorites according to our power rankings. We can then compare our own set of odds versus the sportsbook’s odds to find advantages.

Advancing Your NFL Power Ranking Model

The above “formula” for power rankings could be utilized, but we suggest some more fine-tuning and categories. Assigning letters grades for each aspect of a team and then having those letter grades be worth a numeric value is another route. Utilizing more advanced NFL statistics is another consideration. Your power rankings will need to be adjusted each week based on the performances of each team as well.

This can add up to be a lot of work, but if you build a model that is strong, it could offer you an advantage, particularly when it comes to opening odds. The other option is to let the larger publications do most of the work for you. For instance, you might take ESPN’s and USA Today’s power rankings and create a rating system that gives you the aggregate score.

Are NFL Power Rankings Essential?

Although many of the top syndicates and professional level bettors do have betting systems, they’re far more advanced than most mainstream power rankings. You may strike gold with your power rankings, but do you truly think you’re smarter than the sportsbooks? The better way to look at power rankings is to use them as another tool in your sports betting repertoire. Trusting your rankings against the line movements of betting markets is going to make your sports betting career a short one. Making your own rankings or using others is entirely okay, but trusting it blindly is not something we recommend for pretty much anyone that doesn’t know an elite sports bettor. You’re still going to make most of your money at sports betting by focusing on the right betting markets and NFL line shopping.

2018 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team
1 Philadelphia Eagles
2 Pittsburgh Steelers
3 Green Bay Packers
4 New England Patriots
5 Minnesota Vikings
6 Los Angeles Rams
7 Atlanta Falcons
8 New Orleans Saints
9 Los Angeles Chargers
10 Washington Redskins
11 Jacksonville Jaguars
12 Tennessee Titans
13 Detroit Lions
14 San Francisco 49ers
15 Carolina Panthers
16 Dallas Cowboys
17 Seattle Seahawks
18 Houston Texans
19 Cincinnati Bengals
20 Oakland Raiders
21 Kansas City Chiefs
22 Denver Broncos
23 Chicago Bears
24 New York Giants
25 Buffalo Bills
26 Baltimore Ravens
27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28 Arizona Cardinals
29 Miami Dolphins
30 New York Jets
31 Indianapolis Colts
32 Cleveland Browns

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