College Football Teasers

college teaser bets explainedCollege football teaser bets are one of the most popular betting markets when it comes to betting college football behind traditional wagers on sides and totals. They are as popular as parlays when it comes to wagers other than straight bets. The main difference from teasers and parlays is that they alter the point spread or total rather than just stringing together multiple bets.

NCAA college football teaser bets, and teaser bet odds, in general, have the same payouts whether they are for NFL or college football. Bettors will find that parlay odds payout at a much higher rate than teasers. This is simply because parlays don’t alter the betting odds given, while teasers move the point spread or total from 6 to 7.5 points and at some sportsbooks below or above this number. Like parlays, all legs or bets of a teaser must win for the bet to be graded as a winner. Most sportsbooks will grade teaser ties as a reduction of the number of teams, except in the case of a two-team teaser. It’s important to check on the sportsbook’s rules on teasers before betting to see if they are “ties lose” or “ties reduce.”

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College Football Teaser Bet Examples

Here’s a basic example of a 2-team, 6-point NCAA college football teaser:

Football Odds Before Teaser

  • Notre Dame -7.5
  • Georgia +1

Football Odds After Teaser

  • Notre Dame -1.5
  • West Virginia +20

As you can see, we altered the point spread with a six-point teaser. The Notre Dame side is especially valuable as it moves us from -7.5 to -1.5. Georgia moves from a +14 underdog to a +20 dog, gaining six more points through our teaser. The odds this bet end up being 1.15 to win 1.00 or -115 to win -100. Typical 2-team, 6-point teasers will be between -110 and -120 odds with ties reducing.

Let’s look at another example, except this time with a 3-team, 10.0-point teaser.

Football Odds Before Teaser

  • Minnesota +2
  • Buffalo -5
  • Ohio -6.5

Football Odds After Teaser

  • Minnesota +12
  • Buffalo +5
  • Ohio +3.5

The point spread is altered by 10 points each way. The odds for this teaser are 1.3 to win 1.0 or -130, so we’re looking at $130 to win $100. Not all college football betting sites will offer ten-point teasers, and there will be a difference in the odds, depending on if ties lose or not. The principle though, with teasers, remains the same, the number of points chosen in the teaser will be added to the point spread or total.

Profitability Of NCAA College Football Teaser Bets – Calculating Edge

To figure out if a teaser is profitable, we must dive into a bit of math. Don’t worry it isn’t too complicated. One of the best deals online for betting 2-team, 6.5-point teasers is at and They offer -120 on these bets when many other sites are in the -130 range.

Profitability Of College Teaser BetsMath Behind Teaser Bets in College Football: Since the odds are -120, we can convert those into decimal format 1.20. We’re risking 1.20 to win 2.20. If we divide these numbers, 1.20/2.20 we get 0.5454, which is 54.54%. That is our implied improbability of this bet. So, for this bet to win, we need to make sure that both teams cover at least 55% of the time for this bet to be profitable. However, we’re not done yet. We need to calculate the square root of 0.5454 to determine the amount of time each team must win for the bet to profit. Calculating the square root of a wager can be done manually, but why anyone would want to do this in today’s age is beyond us. You can use a simple root calculator to get the answer without any real work.

So, we find that the square root of 0.5454 is 0.7385, 73.85%. We can take this percentage and plug it into our implied probability calculator and see that we get -282.41 in American or moneyline odds. This can also be calculated in three-team teasers if we take the cubed root, which is necessary if you have three teams or legs in the teaser. Point spread bets are 50/50 propositions when it comes to cover the bet or not, so we need figure out how much we must increase our winning percentage by subtracting 50% from our calculated implied improbability. In this example, we have 73.85% – 50.00% = 23.85%. So, for our 2-team, 6.5 teasers to become profitable, we need to change our odds to improve each team’s chances of winning by 23.85% or more.

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NCAA College Teaser Bets Basic Strategy

Here are the strategies to consider when betting college football teasers. The most important is betting Wong Teasers, which gained immense popularity in the past decade. The 2nd general strategy, which centers around Wongs is trying to get on the right side the 3 and 7. Finally, the last must for teaser betting is avoiding teasing totals. To learn about other college football betting strategies visit our College Football Betting Guide.

Wong Teaser Bets Strategy

Wong teasers also known as basic teasers made bettors a lot of money due to the best book was ever written about sports betting titled “Sharp Sports Betting.” Basic strategy teasers center around the fact that most football games, college, or pro, are decided between 3 and 7 points. These account for 25% of all margins of victory. The closest to these two margins is 10 points, which accounts for around 6% of all final score lines.

The idea of Wong Teasers is to put yourself on the right side of the 3 and 7. For instance, if a team is favored by -7.5 and you play a 6-point teaser – you’re getting the spread at -1.5. This works again if you have a number at -8.5, a 6-point teaser would put you in position to be at -2.5. This keeps you on the right side of the key number of 3, and you would be in a position to cover if they win the game by three points. Likewise, this can be used when there is an underdog of +1.5 to +2.5. Playing these with a 6-point teaser would result in a spread of +7.5 and +8.5.

The issue with Wong Teasers is that the market has mostly been adjusted. Many sites will specifically avoid point spreads where Wong Teasers can be wagered. For instance, instead of +8.5, they may move to +9.5 to protect against those trying to play Wongs. For the most part, the days of the 6-point, 2-team teasers at -110 (on sites where they don’t adjust for Wongs) are long gone at offshore betting sites. You may be able to find some with local bookies, but these have been priced out online.

6 Point 3 Team Teasers vs 6 Point 2 Team Teasers

These are rarely profitable unless you find an outlier of odds as explained above. Regardless, if you’re betting teasers, it’s important to keep them to 2-3 teams as the sportsbook’s advantage becomes much too large if you go any higher. When it comes to betting college football teasers, three teams are a better option as the sportsbook’s advantage will be slightly less.

Don’t Tease Totals

Teasing totals never makes any sense, in professional or college football (or basketball) and if you find someone telling you to tease totals as a betting strategy – they don’t have a clue about sports betting. Why is that exactly? Well, unlike margins of victory, there aren’t any real patterns when it comes totals. Teasing them doesn’t make a lot of sense, and there is far more variance in outcomes when it comes to totals (random kick returns, interceptions for fumbles, etc.) than the linear scoring of points and victory margins.

College Football Teaser Odds At Betting Sites

College football teaser odds will differ between betting sites, but there usually won’t be a big difference teaser bet payouts. With that said, even a “small” difference in the odds is worth taking advantage of when betting college football teasers, as it adds up in a big way over hundreds or even thousands of bets. There is no specific timetable to bet teasers that make them more profitable. The key is focusing on key numbers when it comes to the point spread, more specifically, being on the right side of the 3 and 7.

Points 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team
6 -110 +160 +260 +400
6.5 -120 +140 +225 +375
7 -130 +120 +200 +325
Points 6 team 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team
6 +600 +900 +1500 +2000 +2500
6.5 +500 +800 +1100 +1500 +2000
7 +450 +700 +900 +1200 +1500
Points 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team
6 -110 +160 +260 +420
6.5 -120 +150 +240 +375
7 -130 +135 +200 +350
7.5 +150 +120 +185 +270
Points 6 team 7 team 8 team 9 team
6 +600 +900 +1500 +2000
6.5 +500 +900 +1200 +1500
7 +475 +800 +1000 +1250
7.5 +380 +530 +725 +975
Points 10 team 11 team 12 team
6 +2500 +3500 +5000
6.5 +2000 +2500 +3500
7 +1600 +2000 +2500
7.5 +1325 +1775 +2400
Points 2 team 3 team 4 team
3 +130 +250 +450
6 -110 +180 +300
6.5 -120 +160 +250
7 -130 +140 +200
10 -130
13 -130
Points 5 team 6 team 7 team
3 +700 +1100 +1700
6 +450 +600 +900
6.5 +400 +550 +800
7 +350 +500 +700

Points 8 team 9 team 10 team
3 +2500 +4000 +6000
6 +1200 +1800 +2500
6.5 +1100 +1500 +2000
7 +1000 +1200 +1500
Points 1 team 2 team 3 team
6 -250 -110 +170
6.5 -270 -120 +150
7 -285 -130 +140
Points 4 team 5 team 6 team
6 +260 +450 +700
6.5 +250 +400 +600
7 +200 +350 +500

Points 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team
2 -200
3 -130
6 +900 +1400
6.5 +800 +1200
7 +700 +1000
Points 2 team 3 team 4 team
6 -120 +150 +235
6.5 -130 +135 +215
7 -140 +120 +200
Points 5 team 6 team 7 team
6 +350 +550 +800
6.5 +320 +500 +700
7 +300 +475 +600

Points 8 team 9 team 10 team
6 +1300 +2000 +2500
6.5 +1100 +1500 +2000
7 +900 +1200 +1600