President Trump Prop and Exotic Bets Offered by Online Sportsbooks

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The Trump presidency has been full of negative news that has some people wondering if an impeachment proceeding or resignation might be in the cards.  Sportsbooks know a betting opportunity when they see one and have been offering odds on the possibility that President Trump’s time in the White House may get shut short.

There are usually many prop bets at offshore sportsbooks when it comes to the sitting president.  Most involve whether he will win reelection.  Some may offer off-the-wall bets that ask crazy questions like whether the White House will be painted green to book sucker bets and make some people make wagers on massive favorites that pay no better than a certificate of deposit would over four years.

President Trump’s first four months in office have been so turbulent that unusual bets have hit the boards at some sportsbooks.  Paddy Power is the shop with the most insane action on the betting menu.

Trump Impeachment and Resignation Betting Odds

Paddy Power has the most unique betting odds on Trump’s presidency.  Some pertain to whether he will finish his full term.  Others have to do with policies.  Paddy Power does not accept wagers from Americans.

Will Trump complete his first term in office?

  • Yes: +150
  • No: -200

What year will Trump cease being president?

  • 2017: +162
  • 2018: +333
  • 2019: +1000
  • 2020: -125

Will Trump resign during first term?

  • Yes: +150
  • No: -225

Will Trump serve a second term?

  • Yes: +300

Paddy Power also offers a number of Trump novelty bets with only a “Yes” side:

  • Trump to announce that alien life forms exist: +2000
  • Trump to open Area 51 to the public: +3300
  • Trump withdraws U.S. from U.N.: +700
  • The Queen to ban Trump from the UK: +2000
  • Trump sues Paddy Power: +5000

Trump Wall Props

  • Trump to build wall between U.S. and Mexico in 2017: +500
  • Mexico to directly fund the wall: +2500

Other Mexico Props

  • Trump to open hotel in Mexico in 2017: +2500
  • Any Mexican airport named after Trump: +6600
  • Trump to grant dual citizenship to Mexican nationals: +30000

There are a number of other Trump props at Paddy Power.  These include ones related to Russia, Trump’s family, and who he bans from the country next.

U.S. Sportsbooks With Trump Betting

Nevada does not permit election betting.  This means that the only way to get action on Trump is at is the only major U.S. sportsbook with current posted odds on Trump’s current presidency.  The three bets are:

Will Donald Trump be president on January 1, 2018?

  • Yes: -400
  • No: +300

Will Donald Trump be impeached by the House during his first term?

  • Yes: +115
  • No: -145

Will Donald Trump serve a full term as president?

  • Yes: +120
  • No: -150

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Many Books Taking Trump Bets Off Boards

The turbulent times have caused many sportsbooks to decide to drop Trump betting odds.  Bovada was the last to do so.  It moved the “Yes” on Trump not finishing his first term from -130 to the “No” going to -130 in a 24-hour period this week.  The U.S.-friendly sportsbook decided to take the bet completely off the board after that move and recent news related to President Trump.

BetOnline and Bookmaker do not have odds posted on Trump’s first term.  The same goes for smaller U.S.-facing betting shops that accept wagers from Americans.

Predictit Betting

Predictit is a betting exchange that works much like the stock market.  Participants may buy futures at the current market price or put in the price they wish to pay in the hopes of getting the contract filled.  Each bet relies on a $100 threshold.  A contract worth $25 pays $100 if it wins.  It is worth $0 if it does not.

The prices on the bets below have been converted into American odds from that Predictit market price for comparison purposes.  The site charges a 10% commission from wins for providing the service.

Will Trump be president on September 30, 2017?

  • Yes: -600
  • No: +600

Will Trump be president at year end?

  • Yes: -333
  • No: +333

Will Trump be impeached in 2017?

  • Yes: +400
  • No: -400

Will Trump be president at the end of 2018?

  • Yes: -172
  • No: +172

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