Online Betting Sites To Avoid – Complaints, Payout Problems & Scams

Sportsbooks To Avoid - Complaints, Payout Problems & Scams

super bowl sportsbook scamsWere you a victim of credit card fraud? Had issues with a sportsbook paying out your winnings? Or perhaps was just fell for an online scam promoted by “legit” online sportsbooks. We have written previously about 5Dimes credit card fraud or BetDSI payout problems and have received a positive feedback from sports bettors around the world. We have decided to update the public again and warn from placing bets these top 5 dodgy online sportsbooks to save them from losing money.

We always encourage bettors to do independent research of sportsbooks before signing up. At Safest Betting Sites, we offer in-depth reviews on many online sportsbooks, and we only send bettors to the best options, while warning them of and ways to spot scam sportsbooks that may be in trouble. Unfortunately, bettors still end up choosing poor operators over established and trusted sportsbooks. Below are our top 5 online sportsbooks that are currently servicing US players that one should avoid.

#5 Online Sportsbook To Avoid –

We wrote up a scam sportsbook article on rather quickly. The sportsbook opened their doors in just 2015 but are already blacklisted by just about every site online. They lost their Curacao Gaming License in April 2017 and had signs of a scam from the start. They offered lucrative bonuses, but with high rollovers. However, even if players completed these 35x rollovers – they were still not paid. used the syndicate player clause to refuse to pay players. Players are owed tens of thousands from them. They had to put a player who requested a $3,000 payout on a payment plan. Needless to say, that’s not a good sign. Avoid!

#4 Online Sportsbook To Avoid –

RealBet is another sportsbook founded in the same year as that have found themselves on scam and blacklists across the internet. We don’t have them there, yet. But, we have issued bettors a warning on their review page, but a scam page is likely coming soon. RealBet has had plenty of payout complaints since their inception. The latest (at least publicly) is a player who has been owed $2,500 since June 2017. He has yet to be paid. Again, players should look elsewhere.

#3 Online Sportsbook To Avoid –

Oddsmaker has been in the business entirely too long for their poor reputation. They have been under dozens of different names, and their scams go back over a decade. Through different domains and betting sites, they have stolen over 1 million dollars from online sports bettors and poker players. They’re one of the first scam sportsbook articles we wrote when we founded Safest Betting Sites. They have been blacklisted by us and other watchdog sites for quite some time now. For more on their history, check our Oddsmaker scam sportsbook article.

#2 Online Sportsbook To Avoid –

We originally reviewed CRSportsBet as an option for players when they opened their doors a few years ago. It’s all been downhill since then. We issued a warning to players back in November of last year, and things have gotten worse since then, while the sportsbook continues to accept deposits and offer bonuses. Now, we’re dealing with a single player who is not being paid an $18,000 balance. He’s only one of the players many who are owed. They also have a connection to scam sportsbook, BetMayor. Suffice to say; they’re an inferior option.

#1 Online Sportsbook To Avoid –

TopBet is one of the sites we’ve had the most complaints about over the past few years. We’ve had several warning articles over the last few years regarding the sportsbook when it comes to their extremely slow payout speeds. The emails we have gotten from TopBet players that are looking to be paid out (and not being paid), far outnumbers the other sportsbooks on this list.

The good news is that some players are receiving their payouts. The bad news is those players are likely being paid off using the deposits of unsuspecting bettors who are still depositing at TopBet. Worst of all, many sites are still advertising TopBet as a top sportsbook and offer reviews with a high rating. We hope they rebound and make good on the tens of thousands or more that they owe players, but it doesn’t look likely.

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