NFL MVP Betting

Betting on the NFL MVP award is a popular gambling market when it comes to professional football; aside from betting on individual games.

The NFL MVP bet is sort of a hybrid prop and futures wager. It’s popularity as a season-long futures wager is second only to Super Bowl futures.

The MVP futures bet is unusually wide open compared to other sports, as there are rarely repeats in back-to-back years when it comes to the most valuable player.

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Odds To Win The NFL MVP Award 2020

The top contenders for the NFL MVP award of 2020 have changed. With two unexpected players taking becoming the favorites to win. With Lamar Jackson taking the top spot at +125, with Russell Wilson close behind at +180.

Both of these players have performed amazingly well during the entire season, making it obvious why they are the favorites to win the MVP title this year. Below you can find the full list of NFL players and their odds to win the MVP award in 2020:

NFL Player MVP Odds
Lamar Jackson -275
Russell Wilson +250
Deshaun Watson +1000
Aaron Rodgers +2500
Patrick Mahomes +2500
Michael Thomas +5000
2020 NFL MVP Betting Odds At: gambling site
NFL Player MVP Odds
Lamar Jackson -275
Russell Wilson +225
Deshaun Watson +1000
Aaron Rodgers +2500
Patrick Mahomes +2500
Michael Thomas +5000
2020 NFL MVP Betting Odds At: gambling site

Read our post on this year’s NFL MVP betting and top players for updated lines, picks. and in-depth analysis.

How To Bet On The NFL MVP

Before we jump into the strategy surrounding the bet, let’s go over the basics of choosing a sportsbook and placing a wager on an NFL MVP bet online.

1. Choose A Safe Online Sportsbook

There are hundreds of online sportsbooks out there to choose from. However, you should be careful where you decide to deposit and place bets. Many betting sites don’t pay players quickly or can be outright scams.

We review every sportsbook and send players only to the best gambling sites. We bet at most of these sites ourselves!

SBS Sportsbook Reviews

2. Make A Deposit

Be sure to take advantage of bonus offers when making a deposit. Most online sportsbooks offer you several different deposit methods.

The most popular deposit options are debit cards and credit cards, but we recommend making a deposit with cryptocurrencies; such as Bitcoin. This is due to them being free and have zero fees, in most cases, for deposits and withdrawals.

MyBookie Deposit Screen

3. Find NFL Betting Odds

At online sportsbooks, betting menus are typically listed on the left side of the screen. MVP betting odds will be listed under the football odds but may be under props or futures.

The screen makes it easy and contains ithas the bets right under the menu dropdown for the NFL.

NFL betting Markets for MVP award

4. Choose Your Favorite NFL Player To Win MVP

Pick the player(s) you wish to bet on to win the league MVP award. Make sure to add them to your bet slip.

Be sure to double-check the amount of money you want to wager and that the player(s) you selected are correct.

NFL MVP bet slip

5. Place Your NFL MVP Bet

Click SUMBIT on your bet slip to place your wager on the next NFL MVP!

Top Sportsbooks For NFL MVP Betting

Rank NFL Betting Site Bonus Bet Now
#1 100% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
#2 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
#3 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
#4 50% Up To $250 Bet Now
#5 100% Up To $500 Bet Now

Tips For Betting On The NFL MVP

MVP betting is a unique market, as you’re trying to predict team performance and player performance at the same time. Many sportsbooks offer updated odds that change throughout the season.

There are strategies that go into picking potential MVP awards. Below you can find the most popular and effective tips when betting on the Most Valuable Player:

Betting Tip #1You Must Line Shop

The process of having money at different sportsbooks and shopping the price is of the utmost importance to succeed at sports betting long term. Line shopping is vital for winning at sports betting.

When it comes to markets like football propositions andfutures, it’s even more critical.

There can be a more substantial disparity in odds from one site to another when betting on which player would be the NFL MVP compared to say, apoint spread.

Example Of When Line Shopping Can Be Profitable

You may see a player at +900 at one site and +1400 at another. This is a massive difference in pricing. It’s the difference between a $100 wager paying out at $900 and $1400.

That’s a significant change in payout! Always shop your NFL MVP bets before placing a wager. You deserve all the money you can get if you happen to win a huge payout.

Betting Tip #2Don’t Rule Out Players On Bad Teams

Too many bettors get caught up with the MVP having to be from a good team or a team that made the playoffs the previous year. Yes, it’s true that most of the time the MVP comes from a team that made the postseason.

But, let’s remember the NFL has a lot of parity year-to-year. Teams that don’t make the playoffs often have a quick turnaround, especially from free agents signing and changes in management and coaching.

Just recently, the Chicago Bears were a 5-11 team in the 2017-18 season but ended up winning the NFC North with a 12-4 record the next year.

They hired a new head coach, and their second-year quarterback took a significant step forward. Look for big changes in coaching personnel and roster moves, even on teams that were awful the year before. That’s where the actual value is found when betting the league MVP.

Betting Tip #3Make Sure To Focus On Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks are the superstars of the league and are typically the primary factor for a team’s success when it comes down to personnel. Place your wagers accordingly.

The NFL is a passing league, and it is one that protects its stars. Running back has also become an increasingly devalued position.

Not just from a salary cap standpoint, but in the eyes of experts, who value the offensive line a bit more than the back running behind it. We agree with that sentiment.

How Is The NFL MVP Decided?

Writers from the Associated Press (AP) decide who becomes the NFL MVP. The award is voted on by 50 sports writers across the country at the end of the regular season.

However, the results of the voting are not made public until after the playoffs and Super Bowl conclude in early February. Since the 2011 season, the league has held an NFL Honors ceremony to award the winner of the AP.

Players With The Most NFL MVP Awards

NFL Player MVP Awards
Peyton Manning (QB) 5
Tom Brady (QB) 3
Brett Favre (QB) 3
Kurt Warner (QB) 2
Steve Young (QB) 2
Earl Campbell (RB) 2

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Past MVP Winners

12 of the last 14 NFL MVPs have been quarterbacks. Last year, Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Chiefs, won it in his rookie season.

Year NFL Player Team Position
2018 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback
2017 Tom Brady New England Patriots Quarterback
2016 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Quarterback
2015 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Quarterback
2014 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Quarterback
2013 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Quarterback
2012 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings Running Back
2011 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Quarterback
2010 Tom Brady New England Patriots Quarterback
2009 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts Quarterback

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