NFL Football Pleaser Bets

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NFL Football Pleaser Bets

An NFL football pleaser is a group of bets on sides or totals that combine to make a single bet.

Instead of “getting points” added to your side or total, pleasers deduct points or “give points.”

Several top sportsbooks are servicing Americans online, offering football pleasers, and you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Keep reading to find out what is a pleaser bet, how and where to bet on football pleasers, and the best strategy to do so.

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Intro to NFL Football Pleasers

NFL pleaser bets go back to the late 1990s in Las Vegas. Today, many sportsbooks in Nevada don’t offer pleaser bets, but they have become somewhat popular in online betting markets.

Pleasers usually cap out with a maximum number of teams at six. Pleaser point ranges vary from 6-10 points depending on the sportsbook. 

It’s not uncommon for NFL betting sites to only offer 6-point teasers these days.

NFL Pleasers Explained: What Is A Pleaser bet in Football?

The most basic example of a teaser is a 6-point, two-team teaser. Here are our teams before we attach them to a pleaser bet.

Pittsburgh Steelers-10
Denver Broncos+7

When these bets are added to a pleaser, we add six points (in the sportsbook’s favor) from each side. Our sides now look like this:

Pittsburgh Steelers-16
Denver Broncos+1

Borrowing from BetUS Sportsbook, the teaser odds on this wager for a 6-point two-team pleaser is +600.

As you can see, a pleaser moves the odds in the sportsbook’s favor, whereas teasers move the odds in the favor of the bettor or player.

That is why we have a much higher payout for a two-team pleaser at +600 versus a two-team teaser at +260.

NFL Pleaser Betting Odds

If we can compare this to a two-team parlay payout (+260), it’s easy to see that pleaser payouts are much larger but are also much tougher to hit.

They should be, considering we are giving up six points of the oddsmaker’s already sharp line.

For instance, if you bet a 3-team pleaser and one of the bets pushes, it simply reverts to a 2-team teaser. All your wagers must win (or push) for the bet to be graded as a winner.


As you can see from the table, NFL pleasers offer some gargantuan payouts. These payouts are no doubt enticing but are pleaser bets profitable or sucker bets?

NFL Pleasers Profitability

How profitable are NFL football pleasers?

Frankly, pleasers are of little use to those who want to bet the NFL profitably.

Sure, their large payouts seem like something to chase after, but the more teams added to the betting slip, the higher the sportsbook’s edge.

NFL parlays and teasers offer bettors plenty of more opportunities to make money betting the NFL and have many +EV angles versus the almost zero scenarios where pleasers are profitable.

Pleasers Vs. Other Types Of Bets

Those who are betting pleasers are wagering on:

  • Teams that they think will beat their opponents far worse than the oddsmakers think (pleasers on favorites).
  • A team that they feel deserves more credit than they are receiving from the bookies (pleasers on underdogs).

The issue here is that bettors can easily find odds with other bets that will beat pleaser odds.

In the same realm of upset-minded markets, pleasers are the worst possible wager.

If you like a team to outperform the oddsmakers’ projections by a significant margin, there are several other ways to place a wager with more profit potential.

Which Bets Offer More Value Than Pleasers?

Both NFL moneyline bets and alternative point spreads offer far more value than pleasers and don’t have the caveat that all wagers must win for the bet to be graded as a winner.

Let’s say you bet a pleaser on a team that is +5, which on a 6-point, 2-team teaser would make the spread -1.

Provided you’re using a reputable sportsbook, the odds on the moneyline will be much better than using a pleaser bet.

Bettors can expect between +180 to +190 on an NFL underdog of +5, which not only gives them better odds, but they only have to win a single bet to cash.

How To Minimize The Oddmakers’ Edge

We don’t advise players to bet pleasers, but if you are going to bet these recreational bets, there are some ways you can minimize the oddsmakers’ edge.

Avoid pleasers that fully cross the three-point (+3 and -3) threshold. Since a 3-point margin decides most NFL games, this is a huge no-no and makes the pleaser even more –EV than a pleaser on other numbers.

The Increased Number Of Teams Adds To The Sportsbook’s Edge

Stick with two-team parlays if you’re going to bet pleasers; any more teams and these bets become unbelievably poor wagers due to a high house edge.

Finally, although we frequently recommend bettors go after double-digit underdogs in NFL, pleasers may be a spot to bet on double-digit favorites.

Moneyline odds-on favorites aren’t usually the best bets, and their margins of victory aren’t as common as the 3 and 7.

Where to bet NFL Pleasers Online

Have a look at our list of NFL offshore sportsbooks where you can safely place your pleaser bets on NFL games.

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NFL Pleasers FAQ

Can I bet on NFL pleasers?

You certainly can! Several top sportsbooks offer football pleasers to US bettors. All you need to do is register at one of them, make a deposit and place your bet.

Where can I bet on NFL pleasers?

All of the sportsbooks we are recommending on this page, such as BetUS, would be a good option to bet on NFL pleasers. We have reviewed those betting sites extensively, so you can rest assured they are all trustworthy.

How can I bet on NFL pleasers?

Betting on NFL pleasers is easier than one may think. All you need to do is sign up at a sportsbook, deposit money and place a bet. We have plenty of highly-rated sports betting sites you can use.

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