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NHL Futures BettingNHL futures betting markets are usually decided over a more extended period but can be just a few weeks or days depending on when you bet them. Unlike sides and totals which are defined on the game-day of the bet, a hockey futures bet is any wager made for something to happen in the future. Although hockey isn’t as popular as the three other major sports it has quite the following from die-hard bettors and fans.

Like just about every other sport when it comes sports gambling these days, the number of betting markets and options continues to increase. There are lots of hockey betting markets, but one of the most popular is future bets, particularly on which team will win the Stanley Cup and the Playoffs.

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Stanley Cup Futures Odds

The Stanley Cup futures receive the highest volume of hockey future bets. This market allows bettors to wager on which team will win the Stanley Cup. The futures updated throughout the season and often after each night of games. Some betting sites will pull futures odds as the games begin each night to protect themselves from a dramatic injury or event that would adversely affect the Stanley Cup odds. However, this isn’t usually the case. Every hockey online sportsbook will have the minimum of Playoff futures odds if they offer hockey futures.

NHL Futures Bets Examples

If you’re betting a sportsbook that primarily caters to Americans, NHL futures will likely be expressed in money line odds. These odds are based on a $100 wager. For instance, if a team is +500 to win the Stanley Cup, and you place a $100 bet on them, then you would stand to profit $500 if the team won the Cup. Remember, futures are outrights, meaning there is a firm result. You either win or lose your futures bet – pushes are not possible.

Stanley Cup Futures

NHL betting sites will, by far, receive the most wagers on Stanley Cup futures. Placing an NHL future bets is a simple process. Just add the team you want to bet on to your bet slip, choose your bet amount, and submit your bet. Here are examples of futures to win the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs: +600
  • Nashville Predators: +700
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: + 700
  • Winnipeg Jets: +1400
  • Boston Bruins: +1600

NHL Futures Betting Bet SlipLet’s say I wanted to place a $100 wager on the Nashville Predators at +700. I would click on Nashville at +700, and then the bet would be added to my bet slip. This would pay $700 if I bet $100.

NHL futures markets don’t usually have a large maximum bet. Most sportsbooks won’t take more than $500 on a single ticket on Stanley Cup Futures. For the bet to be graded as a winner, the team must win the Cup. Anything other than that, and the wager is classified as a loss. Learn more about 2019 Stanley Cup betting.

Other NHL Futures Markets

NHL futures won’t number quite as high as other sports, such as the NFL or NBA. However, many oddsmakers will have more offerings than others when it comes to hockey future bets. There may be futures on which team wins each NHL division, which teams win the Eastern and Western Conference and even futures on if a team will make the playoffs. It depends on the oddsmakers at each betting site how many NHL future bets they will offer. This can vary quite widely depending on the sportsbook.

Top Betting Sites For NHL Futures Bets

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Payouts of Futures Bets – Calculating Your Edge

Hokey futures will always be a high vigorish market. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be had. You can measure your break-even percentage with any futures bet by inputting the money line odds of your selection and calculating the implied probability. For instance, on our +700 futures wager on the Predators, we only need to win the bet 12.50% of the time for the wager to break even. So, although the bet is a long shot, it only needs to hit a small percentage of the time for it to be profitable.

NHL Futures Bets Basic Strategy

Futures betting differs a bit from betting on sides, totals, and moneylines. If you’re an avid hockey gambler on those markets, there are still some basic futures betting strategy that will help you make profitable future bets. Developing a basic strategy before diving into futures betting is a must. Learn more about NHL betting online.

Strategy #1 – Always Line Shop

Futures markets will have a lot more variation in the odds compared to traditional markets. That’s why finding the best odds on your bet is critical. Getting a +900 price versus a +700 price on an NHL future is a substantial payout if the bet is a winner. Always shop a future before betting it. If the difference in price is significant enough, it may be worth depositing into a different betting site, merely to place a future bets.

Strategy #2 – Hedge Your Futures Bet

NHL Futures Bets Basic StrategyHedging isn’t always a strategy that we recommended often, but it is one that is helpful in futures markets if you want to lock in a profit. It can help bettors lock in a profit if they stand to win a life-changing amount of money. For instance, let’s say you bet the Predators at +700 and they make the NHL Finals. You can bet their opponent to win the Stanley Cup and to guarantee a profit.

Strategy #3 – Don’t Bet Too Many Futures

Futures can have value, but they should still be a small portion of your sports betting bankroll allocation. The vigorish is high, and they typically tie up money for more extended periods. Focus on the futures where you see the value and only put a small portion of your bankroll on them. This is especially true if you’re new to betting on sports when you’re trying to build a larger bankroll. The money is better off being put into play each day.

Current Odds To Win The 2019 Stanley Cup

The current odds from MyBookie.ag Sportsbook to win the 2019 Stanley Cup have the reigning champion, Washington Capitals at +1600 to win. Currently, Toronto Maple Leafs are an odds-on favorite to win at +600.

Current Odds To Win The 2019 Stanley Cup

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