2020 NHL Stanley Cup Betting

2020 NHL Stanley Cup BettingThe NHL Stanely Cup Finals is still one of the most popular events each year in North American, especially in Canada. NHL hockey has taken a back seat in recent years to baseball, football, and basketball in America and much of the world, but NHL betting markets are still extremely popular, particularly among sharp bettors. It garners plenty of betting action, considerably more than any other NHL playoff series.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. The NHL Stanley Cup Finals aren’t drawing anywhere near the ratings of the other main sports. However, it is a great betting option when the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and the MLB World Series are not an option.

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals odds provide a great opportunity for you to place some profitable bets.

Best NHL Stanely Cup Betting Sites 2020

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NHL Stanley Cup Betting Specifics

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in professional sports. The cup was first awarded to teams back in 1983. In 1915, it was given to the champions of an interleague series between the National Hockey Association and the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. In 1926, several hockey leagues either dissolved, folded, or merged and the Stanley Cup became the prize of the winner of the NHL. Since that time, the Stanley Cup has only grown in legend. It has been affectionately called “Lord Stanley” by players, fans, bettors, and media alike.

Last Game of the NHL Season

The Stanley Cup Finals is the last series of the NHL Playoffs, which begin in mid-April after the conclusion of the regular season. The final series pits the winner of the Western Conference against the Eastern Conference. The Stanley Cup Finals, like the rest of the NHL Playoffs, is decided in a best-of-seven series format. The Cup Finals are the fourth and final round of the playoffs.

The series format doesn’t change in the championship, which is not always the case with other sports. The series is played in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. The team with home-ice advantage (superior record in the regular season) will host the first, second, 5th and 7th games. The team without home-ice will hold the 3rd, 4th, and 6th game as needed.

How To Bet Online On 2020 Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the biggest stage of the NHL. Two teams will meet after winning twelve games to earn their spot in the Stanley Cup final. Those two teams will then battle in a best of seven series to see who takes home the NHL’s biggest prize. This will be the most popular time for betting on the NHL. You can safely place your 2020 Stanley Cup wagers on the best NHL betting sites.

  1. Choose How You Want to Bet – There are two common options to bet. Either you bet on a game by game basis or on the entire series. If you want to go game by game, then you will want to look for individual lines that seem wrong for a matchup. If you would prefer to bet on the entire series you are going to be given two options. You can bet which team is going to win it each series outright or bet on NHL futures.
  2. Research Your Team – Look at a team’s path to the Stanley Cup. Did they play a bunch of injury-riddled teams or did they have multiple hard-fought series? Did they play in multiple long six or seven-game series or did they take care of teams in four games? These questions will allow you to know how the team is performing and if they are beginning to get tired due to many games.
  3. Choose Your Side – This is the most important step because it will determine if you win or lose money. If you are betting on the entire series then this will be quite easy, but if you want to go game by game it will be a bit more difficult. One thing to keep in mind if you are betting game by game is that these series seem to go back and forth. If one team loses a game and in the next is a large underdog, it is worth looking into betting on that team, as they may be over or undervalued by the oddsmakers.
  4. NHL Line Shopping – At this point in the guide you should have an idea on the team and market you want to bet and how you want to bet them. Now you need to find the line that fits your bet. Find the best odds so that you can get the best payout on your bet. Search through multiple betting sites, even after finding a bet you really like. Since the NHL is not the most popular sport, you may find even weaker odds somewhere else.
  5. Place Your Hockey Bet – Now that you have found everything, you are ready to place your bet. The most important part of this step is to double check everything before confirming your bet. Check your bet slip thoroughly to be sure you’re betting on the right team and have entered the correct amount. Once you have hit confirm, you are ready to enjoy the 2020 Stanley Cup Final.

Payouts From NHL Stanley Cup Bets

When betting on the Stanley Cup, you will find that the payouts are the same as the regular season. The only major difference is that you will have the opportunity to bet on the series. Stanley Cup bet payouts will come out just as similar as if you were betting on the regular NHL season.

Payouts From NHL Stanley Cup BetsIf you want to bet on the Stanley Cup game by game, then these hockey betting payouts are just like the regular season. For instance, if you bet $120 on the Vegas Golden Knights to win Game 1 of the Stanley Cup last season, you would have gotten a -120 money line. The Knight won the game 6-4 and with this bet, you got yourself a $100 profit.

The series odds work differently in quite a few ways. You can jump on the series odds at the beginning of the series or halfway through. This allows you to try and hedge your bet if it is not going so well. If you bet $100 on Pittsburgh to win last year’s Stanley Cup after they were up 1-0 in the series against Washington in the semifinals, you would have gotten them at +200 odds. The Capitals went on to win the Stanley Cup in a 4-1 series, so you would have lost your $100.

Best Betting Sites For 2020 NHL Stanley Cup

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NHL Public Betting – Influence Of The Crowd

Public Betting Influence In NHLThe NHL hockey sports betting is one of the sports least affected by the public’s betting patterns. The main reason for this is because the amount bet on NHL wagers is much smaller than any other sport. For the most part, the biggest bets on NHL markets are coming from sharp bettors.

This is mostly true in other major markets as well, but with a crucial difference when regarding betting volume. The oddsmakers know that the betting public’s action isn’t an indicator where the sharp money is going, but when it comes to NFL contests and other sports, they’re betting so much that the betting sites are forced to move the odds in many cases due to the risk of big losses if the public side wins.

Line Movement Increases

In hockey betting markets, public betting doesn’t affect the odds. The recreational betting action doesn’t hold much weight compared to the sharps max betting NHL games. NHL betting markets don’t have enough betting volume for the public to truly influence the odds.

At least, that is the case for the regular season. The playoffs and more specifically, the Stanley Cup Finals are a bit of a different ballgame. Public interest for these games is much higher, which results in more betting action from the betting masses. This increase in wagering by the public may make certain markets more attractive, such as favorites and betting the over on totals. Fading the public is a strategy to consider if you have other factors on your side. The NHL Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals are an anomaly from basically the rest of the season where public betting action has little effect on line movement.

NHL Finals – Increase In NHL Betting Markets

Just like the public’s interest in the game may affect the betting line more significantly, the NHL betting sites offer up more betting markets on the playoffs and finals than can be found for regular season games. NHL player and team props will be extended at many sportsbooks and bettors may even see more in-play or live betting options available during the finals. Propositions markets like this aren’t exactly efficient and with the flood of square bettors coming in for the finals, there should be plenty of profitable opportunities.

Don’t Sit Out Of The NHL Playoffs

2020 NHL Hockey Playoffs betting strategiesIf you’ve had a successful season betting the NHL and have an excellent knowledge of the sport, don’t sit out the playoffs. Too many gamblers decide to ride off into the sunset once the regular season ends, and they’re making a big mistake. When you begin to bet on the playoffs and finals, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your betting skills or NHL handicapping techniques.

After all, it’s still hockey being played out there, albeit with much higher stakes. Make considerations for betting on the NHL Finals, but still, utilize the same handicapping formula that brought you profits in the first place. On the other side, don’t bet more than you would on a regular season game either. Bankroll management and betting units should not be changed only because you’re betting on postseason contests. To learn more about betting on pro hockey read our NHL Online Betting Guide.

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