2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting

2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs BettingEven if you’re not a big hockey fan, I’ve yet to come across someone who isn’t at least a bit interested in playoff hockey. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are captivating to those who aren’t even interested in the sport, due to the sheer intensity of the game when the stakes are the highest. For bettors and fans of the NHL – it’s the best time of the year. The 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin in early April.

Eight teams from both the Western and Eastern Conference make the postseason. Each series is decided in a best-of-seven format, with the higher seed in each series garnering a home-ice advantage. The NHL Playoffs bracket concludes when a single team emerges from both the Eastern and Western Conference. These two teams will face off in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, where a new champion will be crowned.

Best Betting Sites For NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

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How To Bet On The 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Betting on the NHL Playoffs doesn’t change when the postseason begins regarding betting rules. The main difference between the regular season and postseason is a variety of markets and wagering limits. There will be more betting markets available when wagering on the NHL Playoffs and betting limits may be higher at some sites. Below is a step-by-step guide to choosing a sportsbook and placing a bet on the NHL Playoffs.

  1. Choose an NHL Sportsbook – Betting on the NHL is available at every betting site online. It comes down to choosing the best hockey betting site available for betting NHL. Payouts are an essential factor to consider, but also the number of hockey markets and betting limits. Sites that offer dime lines are ideal when it comes betting on hockey.
  2. Research The Teams -The key is to look at their previous matchups with the team they are about to face and their recent play over the last few games. Another thing you want to look closer at before betting on a matchup is a team’s injury list. Finally, check the goalies that each team has in net. Look carefully at the goaltender’s recent play and overall play on the season.
  3. Make A Deposit – There are a variety of ways to deposit online sportsbooks. We recommend cryptocurrencies to they come with no costs for depositing at most sportsbooks, along with free payouts. However, there are lots of other choices, including credit cards and bank wires.
  4. Place Your Bet – Choose which game you wish to bet on and the betting market. After making your choice and adding the wager to your bet slip, choose the amount and confirm your bet. Before hitting confirm, make sure to check over the market and the amount you’re betting. If you are new to betting check out our Online Guide To NHL Betting.
  5. Enjoy The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – The NHL Playoffs are a joy even if you don’t have any money at stake. But, with the added fun and potential profits of betting on the postseason – you’re on cloud nine as a hockey fan and sports bettor.

Bet On The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs At These Top Sites

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Why Is SportsBetting The Best?

The 50% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus is hard to pass by and the payout times are fast. Sportsbetting is the top betting site in the industry and easily the most professional. They offer competitive odds in all sports and tons of NHL markets, from propositions to live betting.

Popular NHL Playoff Betting Markets

Betting markets are simply different bet types and choices that are available when looking at an oddsmakers’ lines. There will always be some bets that are more popular than others when it comes betting on hockey, but there are over a dozen options when it comes to betting individual games and unique offers for the NHL Playoffs.

Individual Hockey Game Betting

Markets available for individual games aren’t going to change much in playoffs. You may see more game and team props available, but the most popular bets for single games will be sides, puck lines bets, and totals.

Hockey Series Betting

One of the best markets to gain an edge on NHL Playoff betting is wagering on the outcome of each series. There are plenty of upsets in the postseason and seeding isn’t necessarily a great barometer of which team will advance. Those who are knowledgeable about hockey and betting markets will find lots of profitable opportunities when looking at series prices. Aside from picking the winner of each playoff series, bettors may also wager on the number of games that will be played on each series before it is concluded. This is a highly speculative market and one that I don’t recommend attacking unless you have a compelling read on how a series might play out.

NHL Playoff Futures

Futures bets are extremely popular in the postseason. Not only can you bet on which team will win the Stanley Cup, but also the winners of each conference and at some sportsbooks how far each team will advance.

2020 NHL Playoffs Live Betting

NHL Playoffs Live BettingLive betting on hockey adds a whole different element to the game. It’s also one of the best ways to find profitable wagers if you understand hockey probabilities and the game itself. The NHL Playoffs were made for live betting. Most NHL hockey bettors are interested in pre-game markets, such as sides, totals, and puck lines, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

NHL Playoff Betting Strategies

There will be a few differences between regular season betting and NHL Playoff betting when it comes to betting strategy and a few basics to keep in mind when betting on hockey that doesn’t change when it comes to wagering on the playoffs.

Betting Tip #1Bankroll Management

Just because it’s the NHL Playoffs doesn’t mean that bankroll management goes out the window. You don’t have to bet more on the postseason, even if the wagering limits are higher. Your bankroll requirements should still be the baseline for how much you’re betting on the games. Don’t feel the need to bet more games or overexert your bankroll simply because “it’s the playoffs!”

Betting Tip #2Public Betting Influence

The public doesn’t usually influence NHL betting markets during the regular season. In almost all cases, it’s sharp bettors moving the odds. However, there is a bit more of public influence of the odds in the postseason. Bettors should recognize that odds should not change much game-to-game if the circumstances remain the same. Often, there is an overreaction to the first or second game of a series.

For instance, if a team is -150 to win the first game of a series and they end up winning by a large margin – you may seem them at -170 in the next game, even if the circumstances have not changed. If there are no significant changes to the rosters, such as a different goalie or new injuries, the odds should be about the same. If the market overreacts, there can be value on the underdog or favorite when the situation is reversed.

Betting Tip #3Don’t Forget About Live Betting

As mentioned above, live betting can be extremely profitable in the postseason if you manage to get decent odds. Lots of teams blow leads in hockey games, and in many cases, bettors are disproportionally betting on the favorites in live betting markets, even after they establish a lead. Bettors may find odds of +700 on the moneyline when teams fall behind by two goals. This is not a massive lead in hockey, and at those odds, it’s worth taking a chance on the dog. Those with a high hockey IQ will also be able to spot live betting opportunities.

2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket

2020 NHL Playoffs Bracket Printable PDFAnother way to get in on the action is through filling out our printable NHL Playoffs Bracket. There are a few bracket contests online, with the most popular being held on NHL.com. NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs brackets don’t have the popularity of the NCAA Tournament Bracket, but they’re still a great way to add some excitement to the postseason, in addition to sports betting.

NHL Playoff Betting Picks and Analysis

We provide free sports picks to bettors on NHL hockey through the regular season and into the playoffs. We don’t recommend paying for picks, but in some cases, it can make sense if you find a trusted expert on hockey betting. Check out our page for free picks on hockey throughout the year and always line shop for the best price. That alone will put you ahead of most other bettors.

2020 NHL Playoffs Betting – Conclusion

Betting the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs isn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to hockey betting. It’s more about understanding the basics, shopping for excellent prices, and tweaking your strategy a bit for playoff hockey. If you’re new to the game’s bet types and general rules when it comes to betting, check out our online hockey betting guide before you jump into NHL Playoff betting.

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