Current Events Betting

Betting on current events

Current events betting intertwines the gambling world with pop culture, politics, and other prominent events. Current affairs betting involves placing wagers on the outcome of different events happening around the world.

There is a huge number of betting markets that fall under the “current affairs” label, from celebrity contests and gossip, award shows, politics, and everything in between. You could bet on which movie will win the Oscar, who will become the next US President, or whether the Olympics will take place amid the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’re a regular follower of the news, pop culture, and other events – you have an opportunity to profit from event bets. If you’re a sports bettor who has not jumped into current events wagering and other entertainment markets – you’re missing out on some extra fun and betting profits.

Although many of the same skills needed to profit from traditional online sports betting will help you when attacking online trending events betting, it is vital to understand the differences. Read on to learn more about current affairs betting.

Best Current Events Betting Sites 2021

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How To Bet On Current Affairs Online

The best place to bet on current affairs is at online betting websites. If you’re new to sports betting or wagering on events, the process is simple. Signing up, funding your account, and placing a wager on an event can be done in a matter of minutes.

Most sportsbooks will have dozens, if not hundreds, of options when it comes to betting special or current events.

Event betting markets epitomize the phrase, “you can bet on anything.”

  1. Choose An Online Betting Site – There are many options when it comes to choosing a site to bet online. However, bettors should not just select the first online sportsbook they come across. There are some scammy sportsbooks to avoid and others that are far above the others. Our online betting site ranking is a great place to start.
  2. Maximize Your Welcome Bonus – One of the main reasons online sportsbooks beat local bookies and land-based sportsbooks when it comes to betting sports is because of the bonuses they offer. Online betting sites will give players large deposit bonuses for signing up, some in the thousands of dollars. When you sign up at a new sportsbook, try to maximize your welcome bonus. It will be a massive boost to your sports betting bankroll.
  3. Make A Deposit – There are many ways to deposit at online betting sites. Few take longer than a few minutes. Credit and debit cards are the most common method used due to their availability. However, we recommend cryptocurrencies due to their near-zero fees and 100% acceptance rate at online sportsbooks.
  4. View Current Events Betting Markets – Finding the current events menu may be tougher than other traditional sports. It is rare for trending affairs to be widely featured markets, so they usually must be accessed via the betting menu and are not an option on the welcome page of a sportsbook. However, they can be easily accessed via the betting menu, which is usually on the left or right side of sportsbook screens.
  5. Place A Bet – Once you have found your current event – then you can then place a bet. This is a simple process but can be confusing if you’re new to online betting. It is essential to make sure you have bet the right market and amount before confirming your bet.

Bet On Current Events At These Top Sites

When looking for the best current events betting site, you want to be sure that you are gambling with a reputable and upstanding online sportsbook. Markets, deposit methods, and bonuses should also be taken into consideration.

But, if you’re heavily interested in betting on affairs, then you should scope out the sportsbook before depositing to be sure they have an extensive list of event markets. Betting online on trending affairs is becoming more and more popular, so there are a lot of great choices when selecting a gambling site.

Check out our list of recommended sites below:

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2 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $500 Bet Now
3 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Bet Now

Trending Events Betting Markets: What Can You Bet On?

Current events betting falls under a few different categories, which include entertainment, politics, and pop culture. There are a few that are outside of these four categories, but these are by far the most popular and available markets that you find at most online betting sites.

It’s tough to become an expert at all of them, but by focusing on 1-2 categories, you may find yourself becoming a profitable current events bettor.

Entertainment Betting

Entertainment Betting

Entertainment betting refers to betting on award shows, movies, and other activities related to television and cinema.

The Oscars are the most popular entertainment betting market. The movie-award show is easily the most wagered event when it comes to the entertainment category. If you’re already into movies, television, and the entertainment world, then these markets may be for you.

Politics Betting

Politics betting

Political betting markets have risen rapidly in popularity in recent years. They’re also one of the more valuable markets to learn due to their much-higher-than-normal betting limits.

You may only be able to bet a few hundred dollars on entertainment or pop culture markets, but tens of thousands can be wagered on presidential elections.

These days, political race surveys from across the United States and the world can be bet on when it comes to politics. Political betting is one of the fastest-growing betting markets worldwide.

Pop Culture Betting

Pop culture betting

Celebrity gossip, from A-list to D-list stars, falls under this category. If you’re a reader of or watch E! religiously, then this is your category.

Betting on relationships between celebrities, how long marriages will last, and much more of this would is available for pop culture bets. There are even sportsbooks that allow you to bet on which celebrities will die first. Yes, that’s the crazy world of online betting today.

Types Of Bets In Current Affairs Gambling

Current affairs are a bit limited when it comes to betting types. There are usually no exotic type bets available, and most available markets will fall under two categories: outrights or futures.

Straight bets are the only type of bets that one can make when it comes to betting popular events. Parlays are not allowed at most betting sites when betting trending events and other wagers, such as teasers, are also not an option.

Outrights Event Bets

Outright event bets have a clear outcome and cannot push. They’re similar to moneyline wagers and are presented to bettors using American or moneyline odds.

In the example below, you can bet on whether Julian Assange will be charged with conspiracy:

  • Yes: -1500
  • No: +750

It is a straightforward and simple bet. You can either bet that Assange will get charged or bet that he won’t. Bettors may wager on either side, but there will be a firm winner or loser. If he is charged, those who wagered on ‘yes’ at -1500 will win their bets and those who bet ‘no’ at +750 will lose.

Futures Event Bets

Future event bets are the most common type of current events wager. These are essentially outright bets but with multiple choices. These bets have a more significant chance of being canceled or pushing.

The first organization to send humans to Mars is a very popular current affairs futures bet. Let’s look at the odds:

  • Space X: -300
  • Blue Origin: +400
  • Boeing: +500
  • Space Force: +2000

Again, this market is self-explanatory. Bettors can pick which organization they think will send humans to Mars first. If they choose the correct one, their bet is graded as a winner. If they choose the organization that isn’t first, then the bet is graded as a loss.

Current Events Betting Strategy And Tips

Current events strategy is unique due to the enormous variety of markets that fall under this category. There isn’t a spreadsheet or model that can be utilized for entertainment and pop culture betting.

Political models are standard, but much of event betting is heavily reliant on research and general knowledge on the subject. Sports betting basics still apply, but success when betting current events depends on thinking outside the box.

Betting Tip #1Line Shop For The Best Price

This is a vital part of winning at sports betting and something we stress to all bettors that read our advice at SBS. Line shopping is always critical because it allows you to always get the best prices on your wagers, therefore saving you money in the long run.

This will increase your bankroll by default since you will be getting the best market price available. It’s also the primary reason to have money at multiple different betting sites.

Betting Tip #2Always Take Advantages Of The Welcome Bonuses

We mention this above, but it bears repeating here. Not only are bonuses one of the best parts of betting on current events online, but they are beneficial for new bettors that are looking to build a bankroll.

Those who are new to betting can quickly get themselves thousands of dollars in deposit bonuses. It is an instant boost to your bankroll and somewhere that every bettor should be looking to take advantage.

Betting Tip #3Focus On What You Know… At Least At First

Current events offer a lot of different subjects and options on which you can decide to focus. At first, if you’re diving into this diverse world of betting – go with what you know.

If you’re into the entertainment and movie world, that is where you should begin. If you into celebrity gossip, start there. Love politics? There you have it. This will allow you to jump in quickly and use the knowledge you already have.

Betting Tip #4Learn To Bet Political Events

It is not a must that you bet politics, but it offers you a lot more upside when it comes to profits. Movie awards and celebrity gossip not only take longer times to settle but also come with far lower betting limits.

Betting thousands of dollars on US elections at one betting site is very possible. Also, creating a betting model or using existing models is a much easier path when betting politics.

Betting Tip #5Check Current Events Betting Odds Often

Current event odds sort of come out of nowhere, as there is no set time that odds are released like with sporting events. Sure, there are elections and award shows with set dates, but a lot of the pop culture and entertainment stuff is added at somewhat random times.

Check current events betting sites frequently for new betting markets to get a jump on early betting opportunities before the odds change.

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