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Written by: Joseph Falchetti, Editor-in-Chief, Pro Sports Bettor and Casino Expert
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There are lots of ways to bet on women’s soccer. Women’s World Cup soccer is one of the most significant events in female sports; not only can you place bets on the games, but you can also get more involved by filling out a World Cup bracket.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup doesn’t get all the ink that the men’s tournament does, but the format and the potential for profits are the same.

In addition to sports betting, filling out a soccer bracket is an excellent way to add more excitement to the tournament.

How To Play Women’s World Cup Soccer Brackets

Filling out a World Cup bracket not only makes the tournament exciting but is also another chance to win some potential profits.

There are bracket contests available on several websites, including FIFA.com. Signing up and creating a bracket can be done quickly in a few simple steps.

  1. Find A World Cup Bracket Contest – These can be found on different websites. Some may come with a small fee for entering, but most are free. They offer prizes for the top brackets. You also may be able to join a World Cup bracket contest that is started by your family and friends.
  2. Learn The Sport and Teams – Knowledge is power when it comes to betting on sports and filling out your bracket. The more you understand the teams, coaches, and players, the more know-how you have to fill out your bracket as accurately as possible.
  3. Utilize At Betting Odds – Sports betting odds are the most accurate way to predict the outcome of sporting events. Looking at betting odds before filling out your bracket is a must if you’re serious about winning your contest. To learn more visit our Online Soccer Betting Guide.
  4. Fill Out Your Bracket – You have done your research on the teams and players and reviewed the betting odds – it’s time to fill out your bracket. Remember, you need to pick a few upsets along the way, as it is quite rare that at least one of the top teams won’t be knocked out early.
  5. Enjoy The World Cup – Once you have filled out your bracket, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the World Cup. If you’re lucky enough to have your home country in the tournament root them on!

Women’s World Cup Betting Online

Once your bracket is locked in, there is still a lot more action to be had when it comes to online betting.

Betting online is legal in just about every country in the world and is easily accessible if you have an internet connection. Not only will you be able to bet on the winner of the tournament but on every game with a variety of different bet types.

Online betting is the ideal way to bet on the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Don’t forget to take the advantage of generous welcome bonuses you will receive when signing up. Fast payouts are another factor to consider when choosing soccer gambling websites.

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