NBA Finals Prop Bets

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NBA Finals Prop Bets

NBA Finals prop bets are wagers focused on individual players or teams during the season’s finals, instead of being related to the outcome of the games.

NBA props are some of the most exciting and advantageous for bettors. Betting limits are always increasing and player props are mainstays at every online sportsbook.

Keep reading to learn the basic concepts behind these wagers and find expert advice to place your best prop bets on NBA Finals.

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How The NBA Finals Prop Bets Work

How The NBA Finals Props Work - Curry And James

Propositions are one of the most straight forward bet types when it comes to the NBA.

Most props are centered around specific players. Player props are mostly in an over/under format of how many points or rebounds a player will score in a game, and so on.

On the other hand, team propositions are bets related to each team’s performance.

Finally, in the postseason, there are series propositions, which allow you to bet on the winner of each series, and in many cases, how many games each series goes.

NBA Finals Player Prop Bets

NBA Finals player props are by far the most common wager you will find when betting on NBA Finals propositions.

They’re also the easiest to understand and to gain an edge on.

The most basic player prop bet is the number of points a player might score, but there are many variations of player props. Gamblers won’t lack options when it comes to this market.

You will be able to bet on the number of points a player scores, rebounds, assists, blocks, reb+assists, etc. All props count overtime periods unless otherwise stated.

NBA Player Prop Bet Example

Kevin Durant – Total Points

Over 29.5-115
Under 29.5-115

This prop is a wager on Kevin Durant’s’ total points in a game. Bettors can wager over 29.5 points if they think he will score more than 29.5 or under if they believe he will score less than 29.5.

This bet cannot push due to the half-point. If Durant scores 30 points or more, the wager will be graded as over.

If he scores 29 points or less, it will be graded as under. As mentioned above, there are a lot of variations when it comes to player props.

You can bet on just about every category (assists, rebounds, and blocks) for the top players. There are also many props combined categories, such as pts + assists, assists + rebounds, and more.

NBA Team Props

Team props are a betting market related to the performance of a team, rather than a specific player.

These are like player props, but not on the individual level. Team props will vary wildly depending on the betting site, but there are a few popular ones. Again, let’s see another example.

NBA Team Prop Bet Example

One of the team props you will find at every sports betting site is the first team to score ten points.

First Team To Score 10 Points

Philadelphia 76ers-130
Boston Celtics+110

Most gambling sites will also have the first team to 20 points and 30 points. You’re betting on the side you think will score those points first.

The team that is favored in the game is also the favorite when it comes to scoring the points first. If you pick the correct team that scores the points first, then you win your bet, if not, then your bet loses.

The following image is an example of how it would look on a real online sportsbook:

NBA Team Props Example

NBA Series Props

NBA Finals Series props are very popular. You can bet on which team will win each series or the exact length – number of games – the series will go, along with the outright winner.

Anyway, keep in mind that there are more series props available for NBA Finals betting.

Top Sportsbooks To Bet On NBA Finals Propositions

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How To Get Better At Picking NBA Finals Prop Bets

Becoming a profitable prop bettor can be extremely valuable. The NBA season is a long one, and there are a lot of betting opportunities throughout the year.

Then comes the NBA Finals, where there are many more propositions, often with increased betting limits.

Here are a few tips that will help you grow your profits when betting props in the postseason.

Bet Props Throughout The Season

The best way to beat NBA Finals props is to bet throughout the year. This will improve your skills when it comes to handicapping prop bets.

Once the playoffs roll around, hopefully, you’re a seasoned prop bettor.  You will find larger betting limits and more options for both the Playoffs and Finals.

Utilize Advanced Statistics

All bettors at least use some NBA advanced stats in their handicapping methods. Not only are advanced statistics valuable for predicting sides and totals, but they are useful when it comes to player and team props.

Understanding them will give you extra knowledge and can be helpful when betting.

Watch The NBA Games!

Some bettors will claim that watching the games isn’t worth your time if you nail the statistics and other aspects of sports betting.

It may be true for some, but watching the game can’t hurt your process, especially if you know how to value what you see on the court versus your data.

NBA Finals Prop Betting Tips

There are excellent NBA betting strategies you can implement to maximize your edge when wagering on props. The NBA Finals are an excellent time of year to bet on sports, especially propositions.

Below, we will tell you exactly what you can do to increase your edge and the ideal way to maximize your advantage on the best NBA Finals prop bets.

Betting Tip #1Use Multiple Sportsbooks

One significant advantage you can get when betting props is by using multiple NBA betting sites. It will allow you to line shop for the best price and wager more money on markets where you find edges.

Prop markets will have a lot more variation in their odds compared to sides and totals.

If you’re interested in NBA prop betting, you want to take full advantage of the betting market, and using multiple sportsbooks is the best way to do that.

Betting Tip #2Use Local Bookies

Online betting sites are still the best option for most of your NBA betting, but there is still a lot of potential in using local bookies.

They often have much higher limits on propositions than online betting sites, and they are much slower to limit or cut off winners.

You may only be able to bet a max of $500 on a prop with an online betting site, but it may be possible to wager a thousand or more on props with locals.

This may be particularly true in certain cities where NBA basketball is more popular.

Betting Tip #3Maximize Your Bonuses

It always helps to have more bankroll. One of the best ways to give yourself time to learn how to handicap prop bets is with extra funds.

Almost all betting sites will offer players bonuses for NBA betting.

These can easily be worth thousands of dollars. It is a must to take advantage of these when signing up at new online betting sites.

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