NBA Playoffs Betting 2024

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NBA Playoffs Betting

NBA Playoffs betting has increased drastically in recent years. In fact, no sport has grown as much as basketball, both in terms of television ratings and wagering handle.

For fans of basketball betting, the regular season – a full 82 games – offers a ton of wagering opportunities. However, it’s still an appetizer to the main course, the NBA Playoffs.

We’ll go over some of the most popular playoff bets, strategies, and betting tips.

Best NBA Playoffs Betting Sites 2024

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NBA Playoff Betting Odds And Lines

There are Playoff Betting odds for every game, along with futures. Bettors will also be able to wager on a variety of other aspects of each NBA Playoff Series.

Odds to Win 2024 Eastern Conference

NBA Team BetNow NFL Odds
Boston Celtics+175
Milwaukee Bucks+175
Philadelphia 76ers+800
Cleveland Cavaliers+800
Miami Heat+1200
New York Knicks+1600
Atlanta Hawks+3300
Brooklyn Nets+4000
Toronto Raptors+5000
Chicago Bulls+6500
Orlando Magic+12500
Indiana Pacers+12500
Charlotte Hornets+25000
Detroit Pistons+25000
Washington Wizards+25000

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Odds to Win 2024 Western Conference

NBA Team BetNow NFL Odds
Denver Nuggets+250
Phoenix Suns+300
Los Angeles Lakers+650
Golden State Warriors+650
Los Angeles Clippers+1000
Dallas Mavericks+1200
Memphis Grizzlies+1200
Sacramento Kings+2200
New Orleans Pelicans+2200
Oklahoma City Thunder+3500
Minnesota Timberwolves+3500
Portland Trailblazers+15000
Houston Rockets+15000
Utah Jazz+15000
San Antonio Spurs+15000

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Odds To Win The NBA Championship

Team BetNow NFL Odds
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Best 2024 NBA Playoffs Bets

The best and most popular NBA playoff wager will always be point spread betting, but there are a whole host of other markets available when it comes to betting on basketball.

Wagering limits may also be higher during the NBA Playoffs compared to the regular season, especially when it comes to the NBA Finals.

Individual Game Betting

These are the basics of sports betting. NBA sides, NBA totals, and moneylines are available for every game of the NBA Playoffs. But there are a lot of other options, including quarter bets, half-time bets, team and player propositions, and live betting.

Series Betting

Bettors can wager on which team will win each playoff series. This is an especially fun market and a bet that can be especially profitable if you’re an experienced NBA bettor.

However, one must weigh the value of betting the series line versus wagering on each game. Some bettors may opt to do both, which can be a profitable strategy.

Series Total Games Betting

This is quite a speculative market. It allows bettors to wager on the number of games that will be played before the series ends. In some cases, you can bet on the number of games played and the series winner.

These bets have quite high payouts but are extremely difficult to predict. We don’t recommend betting on this market often. You should only place bets here if you feel your edge is significant.

NBA Live Betting

NBA Live betting or in-play betting is a significant market for betting on NBA basketball. Live betting handle increases every year. All the individual game markets are available for live betting, and then some.

There are several strategies to implement specifically for NBA live betting.

Bet NBA Playoffs Series At The Top Online Sportsbooks

Ready to place your bets? Check out the odds and lines for your favorite games at some of our most trusted sites:

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Check Out Our Full List Of The Best NBA Sportsbooks

How To Bet On NBA Playoffs Series Online

Let’s start at the beginning. Below, you’ll find a guide with 4 simple steps on how to place your bets during the NBA Playoffs:

  1. Choose Your NBA Betting Site – All sportsbooks offer odds on NBA betting. Since that is the case, it’s all about picking a reputable and trustworthy sportsbook.

    The key factors to look for when choosing an online betting site are bonuses, trustworthiness, and payout speeds.

    We’ve done a lot of the work for you at SBS. These are our top-rated NBA sportsbooks.

  2. Look For NBA playoffs Betting Bonuses – Sportsbooks offer NBA bettors a deposit bonus when they sign up. However, several will also provide NBA exclusive bonuses after the regular basketball season.

    Make sure you take advantage of them and maximize your deposit bonus.

  3. Make A Deposit – There are a variety of ways to deposit at online sportsbooks. We recommend cryptocurrencies since there’s no fee to deposit and withdraw.

    However, more traditional methods are available. Credit and debit card deposits are a good way to start betting, as well as bank wires.

  4. Choose An NBA Playoffs Wager – During the playoffs, basketball odds markets are featured more prominently at online sportsbooks.

    You typically won’t have to look around much to find odds on sides, totals, and moneylines on NBA basketball.

    There are also plenty of more options when it comes to propositions and live betting.

  5. Place Your Bet – Once you have chosen your wagering market, it usually just takes one click to add your selection to your bet slip.

    From there, you can select your wager amount and submit your bet.

    Be sure to check that you have the correct wager and betting amount before hitting submit.

    NBA Sportsbooks are opting for one-click confirmations on bets these days, so be sure to double-check your wager before clicking the mouse to place your bet.

Betting Tips For The NBA Playoffs

The wagering strategy doesn’t change much when it comes to betting on the Playoffs, but there are a few aspects that bettors should consider with playoff markets compared to regular season betting.

For those who want to get more money down on games, some sportsbooks will up their wagering limits on NBA Playoff games.

Betting Tip #1Don’t Forget About Bankroll Management

The fact that sportsbooks may take more betting action during the postseason doesn’t mean you have to bet more. What makes a good bet doesn’t change in the playoffs.

Bankroll management is vital. A bet is a bet. Just because the stakes on the court are higher for the players doesn’t mean you have to wager more of your bankroll.

Betting Tip #2Lean Towards Betting Unders

Public betting influence is much higher in the playoffs compared to the regular season. That means they will affect betting lines far more than they do in the regular season. And, the betting masses love betting the over.

Unders in the NBA are a subset in the regular season, but that’s even truer during the Playoffs. Totals may be inflated by public betting action on the over. Look to bet under on totals that have been inflated.

Betting Tip #3Focus On NBA Propositions

NBA Propositions are the weakest markets available and excellent bankroll builders for new bettors. Limits may be raised on these markets in the postseason, making them even more of a priority for bettors.

NBA Playoffs Bracket Betting

In addition to sports betting, several sites run NBA Playoff Bracket pools. has the largest contest online, but other sites also offer pools for the post-season.

They’re a great way to get some extra action in on the Playoffs on top of betting sports. If you love the NBA Playoffs like most Americans, you most likely enjoy some friendly competition with your friends or workmates.

When you get a group together, print the NBA bracket and make it a fun betting event for everybody.

NBA Playoff Betting Picks

We do not recommend paying for NBA playoff betting picks or any other picks. Instead, stick with your sports betting basics when handicapping the Playoffs.

We offer free picks here at Safest Betting Sites for most NBA Playoff games, as well. Make sure you check them out before placing your bet.

We don’t have to change our tactics and strategy too much when betting on the Playoffs compared to the regular season.

However, the best NBA playoff betting strategies center around public betting influence and, when possible, use the increased wagering limits to your advantage. 

When do the NBA Playoffs take place?

NBA Playoffs Bets

The NBA regular season ends in early April each year. After the conclusion of the regular season, playoff rosters are set, and the post-season begins 48 hours later.

Eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences make the NBA Playoffs, and each series is decided in a best-of-seven-game format.

The NBA Conference Finals usually begin in mid-May. Once there is only a single team remaining from each conference, the NBA Finals begin.

The Finals typically start in late May and can stretch into mid-June, depending on the number of games played.

NBA Playoffs FAQ

Who Is Going To The NBA Playoffs?

Eight teams from each conference make the NBA Playoffs each year. Playoff seeds are decided by the record and not by the conference. These teams play each other until there is one team left from the Eastern and Western Conferences. Then these two teams face off in the NBA Finals.

How Many Rounds Are There In The NBA Playoffs?

There are four rounds. The first round, conference semifinals, conference finals, and then, the NBA Finals.

Where Are The NBA Playoffs Over?

For the 2023-24 NBA Season, the Playoffs will start on May 22nd and end sometime in the middle of July. If the Finals go seven games, then they will end July 22nd.

Who Won The NBA Playoffs Last Time?

The 2023 winner of the NBA Playoffs was the Denver Nuggets. It was the first Championship for the Nuggets’ franchise.

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