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golden state warriors logoBetting on the Golden State Warriors means riding with the hottest team in the league in recent years. The Warriors are the current gold standard in the NBA and a half of the teams are trying to beat them, and the other half is trying to emulate their success. The Warriors have won the NBA championship six times in their history. They were known as the Philadelphia Warriors (1946-1962) and the San Francisco Warriors (1962-1971) before finally moving to Golden State in 1971.

Golden State’s recent success is thanks to a great roster mostly built via the NBA draft. The Warriors are the current NBA champs and have won three titles (2015, 2017, 2018) while reaching the NBA finals in the last four seasons. However, they were not always successful. Before the 2015 title, they spent a 40-year drought in championships dating to 1975 as their last title before the era of Steph Curry. Curry is one of the most dominant players in the current NBA, and his game is based on an insane three-point range. He’s arguably the best three-point shooter the league has ever seen. But Curry was not as effective before coach Steve Kerr arrived in 2015.

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How to Bet On The Golden State Warriors

  1. Pick A Reliable Betting Site: The first thing you need to do is find a trustable online sportsbook with the best NBA bonuses to start betting on the Golden State Warriors. Once you find one, look for the best NBA odds available and select the winning plays.
  2. Look For The Best Sign-up Bonuses: It’s not a problem if you have never joined a betting site; in fact, it’s actually a great scenario. That way you can find the best bonuses related to the amount of money you deposit to follow the Warriors. Take full advantage of these sign-up bonuses.
  3. Make A Deposit: The best NBA betting websites will get you every chance available to deposit money to bet on the NBA. You can do it via credit or debit card or even via PayPal. Most sportsbooks allow deposits with Cryptocurrencies as well.
  4. NBA Line Shopping: Looking for the best NBA betting line available is half of the battle. Once you find a betting line that you like, check a few other trustable gambling sites to see if you can get better odds. It’s nothing wrong with looking around.
  5. Finally Placing Your Warriors Bet: Just before placing your first NBA bet on the Warriors give it a quick look to our guide to NBA gambling strategies. It couldn’t hurt, right? After it just set your winning play, sit back and watch Golden State make money for you on a nightly basis.

Popular Golden State Warriors Team Bets

Betting on the Warriors include sides, the game total, and money lines. But you shouldn’t forget the most profitable of all: futures. Taking Golden State to win the NBA championship title is the most attractive future bet during both the offseason and the regular season. It has been easy money in three of the last four seasons. Once again is the favorite wager to hit at the end of this year, as it is highly unlikely they don’t repeat as NBA Champions.

Betting on the NBA gives you a lot of options every night that’s why the league is so profitable for regular betting players. Placing an NBA bet on the Golden State Warriors is one of the best bets in the league to make money. They are in the best basketball team in the world, and they are expected to win almost every single night.

Golden State Warriors Spread Betting

The Warriors on the point spread are one of the most popular bets in the NBA betting in recent years. The problem sometimes is they become too large of a favorite, and the value is hard to find. Either way, Golden State is probably favored in 95% of their 82-regular season games.

Golden State Warriors Moneyline Betting

As I mentioned, it’s rare to see a scenario where the Warriors are not favorites, and that’s why sometimes it’s a challenge to find value in the money line, as well. The investment to bet Golden State on the moneyline is often not worth it from an odds perspective, but it’s hard not to predict them to have a top-two regular season record once the dust settles.

Golden State Warriors Team Futures

Golden State opened the 2018-19 season as +120 favorite to win the NBA finals, and no one was shocked to see those odds. Now has them at -120. We still think there is value in those odds. With the Warriors, you can also bet on them winning both the Western Conference and the Pacific division in the West.

Golden State Warriors Prop Bets

Every night there will be available NBA propositions bets for the Warriors as a team or the individual players. Will Kevin Durant scored over or under 30.5 points against team X? Will Steph Curry hit over or under 8.5 three-point shots against this other team? There are a million of options of NBA prop bets available for the Warriors. What makes fun is they are a scoring machine with multiple scenarios to collect money.

Best NBA Betting Sites To Bet On The Warriors

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Legality Of Betting On The Golden State Warriors

legality of betting on the golden state warriorsSports betting is legal in seven states now, and more are pushing the envelope to get it done in the next few months. Betting on the Golden State and other NBA franchises is legal in New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Other states like Washington and Iowa are right around the corner to make it legal.

Even the league has created a movement to get NBA betting legal in the entire USA. The current NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been one of the most influential names out there trying to introduce betting into the major sports leagues. It will take some time to get to the legalization in the 50 states, but the movement is clearly making fast progress. We often suggest another and better option for the people starting to wager in the NBA.

Online sports betting is a more extensive market with lots and more significant advantages than just going into a local shop or bookie. What separates the online betting from the other forms is the deposit bonuses players get just for signing up. There are also betting bonuses around the entire NBA season. It goes from the start of the season in October to the All-Star weekend in February and the NBA playoffs in April and June.

Having the change to do some NBA betting at the comfort of your home or via your smartphone makes it so much easier than calling a bookie or driving to a sports betting shop. Our experts have put together extensive reviews of different NBA betting websites that allow US players to place an NBA bet. We suggest following the instructions and read our insider content to pick the best sportsbooks. Look for the biggest bonuses, the fastest payouts, and the most secure platform to wager before betting on the Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors 2018-19

The Golden State Warriors entered the 2018-19 season as back-to-back NBA Champions and favorites to win a third straight. They added free agent DeMarcus Cousins in the offseason making the team heavy favorite to win it all again. With Cousins in the roster, Golden State had five All-Star players that were in the 2018 All-Star game. It’s only the sixth time in NBA history where a team has 5 All-Star players. The last time something like this happened was in 1976 with the Boston Celtics.

curry and the warriors season 2018-19The 2018-19 season is the Warriors last one playing at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Next season they will move to a new home in San Francisco called the Chase Center. This is season also present a unique chance to Golden State as they aim to be the first team to three-peat in the NBA championship since the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000-2002. If they somehow make it happen, then, coach Steve Kerr would take part of his second career three-peat. He did it with the Chicago Bulls from 1996 to 1998 as a player.

DeMarcus Cousins started the season with a severe knee injury, but he’s now playing at a high level. Unlike other versions of the Warriors where depth was a key, this season’s roster is more talented but a little thinner. During free agency they lost JaVale McGee (now with the LA Lakers), Zaza Pachulia (now with the Detroit Pistons) and Nick Young (now with the Denver Nuggets) while veteran David West retired. The team added Cousins and Jonas Jerebko as the only two essential pieces for this year’s run.

The 2018-19 season has seen the Warriors break or tie a few NBA records. Shooting forward Klay Thompson recorded a new NBA record of 14 three-point shots made against the Chicago Bulls in October. In that game, he also tied the most three-points made in a half with 10. Thompson also recorded another mark in January, scoring 10 straight three-point shots without missing against the Los Angeles Lakers. As a team, the Warriors scored 51 points in the first quarter against Denver Nuggets in January.

Golden State Warriors Team Rivalries

The Warriors are in the most difficult of the NBA conferences, that being the Western Conference. They have to face some of their greatest rivals several times along the season. teams like the Houston Rockets four times in a season. They also have to meet the Oklahoma City Thunder three times per year.

Golden State Warriors Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Rivalry

The Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers met in the NBA finals four times in a row, with Golden State winning three of those four matchups. Even so, the rivalry was very much alive when LeBron James was part of the Cavs. Now James is with the Los Angeles Lakers and is hard to call this a rivalry anymore.

Golden State Warriors Vs. Houston Rockets Rivalry

The Rockets have made several trades, adding superstars like Chris Paul to join James Harden in the battle to beat the Warriors. During the 2017-18 season, Houston and Golden State needed a seven-game series to find out who was the Western Conference champion. The Warriors came on top by winning Game 7 on the road.

Golden State Warriors Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Rivalry

Before Kevin Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City to join Golden State, the Warriors and the Thunder gave us some thrilling matchups both in the regular season and the playoffs. Golden State still has the upper hand over OKC, but Russell Westbrook and Paul George, the Thunder’s main stars, believe they can beat Warriors.

Golden State Warriors NBA Season 2018-19 Winning Chances

Warriors odds to win the 2018-199 NBA ChampionshipThe oddsmakers at have it pretty clear. The Warriors are the team to beat this season once again. The -220 odds say so. Golden State’s style of play is unprecedented for the NBA, and while their winning run might come to an end at some point, it doesn’t look like it will be this season. What makes the Warriors hard to stop is the ability to rotate the ball to find the open man. Then they have two superstars in Steph Curry and Kevin Durant who can switch the primary scoring duties every night.

If any of the two are off, then Klay Thompson takes the wheel of offense and drops several three-point shots to save the day. I haven’t even mentioned DeMarcus Cousins who I’m sure will have a shining moment in the season. An underrated part of the Warriors is the defense. They are a committed team to play defensive basketball when it matters the most. Their high scoring pace makes other teams want to score in bunches against them, but not many can actually do it.

Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Cousins, and Thompson are players with unique defensive skills. Golden State can play on both sides of the ball, and that’s frustrating for opponents. What could prevent the Warriors from winning another title is a devastating injury from one of their key players. However, even if they lost a key player, such as Durant or Curry, they would still be the favorite to win the NBA title.

Golden State Warriors Key Players

Coaching matters in the NBA and Steve Kerr is a testament of it, but nothing beats talent, and the Warriors have it. Adding Durant and Cousins in the free agency have made it difficult for other teams to match the talent level of Golden State. But Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson all got to the franchise via the NBA Draft.

Steph Curry

stephen curry 3 point betting PropsSteph Curry is an assassin behind the three-point land. He’s the son of Dale Curry who used to play in the NBA during the ’90s. Steph is a six-time NBA All-Star, who won the league’s Most Valuable Player award twice. He’s the reason the Warriors are in this insane run of four straight NBA finals and three NBA titles in the last four seasons.

Kevin Durant

kevin durant top NBA Player PropsKevin Durant joined the Warriors in the 2016-2017 season and has helped Golden State achieved two consecutive NBA titles in 2017 and 2018. Durant is considered the second-best player in the NBA in recent years, only behind LeBron James. He’s a pure scorer with a knack for shooting from any distance despite his 6’9 height.

Klay Thompson

klay thompson best nba player propsThompson has been around for all three of the Warriors’ NBA titles this century. Plus, he has been in the NBA All-Star team five seasons in a row. On December 5, 2016, Klay Thompson scored 60 points (shooting 21-of-33 and 8-of-14 on three-pointers) in just three quarters in a 142–106 win over the Indiana Pacers.

2019 Golden State Warriors Schedule

Golden State still has two featured matchups against Houston left in the calendar. Two could be potential playoffs games during the regular season. Meetings against the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers are also in line for the second part of the year. Perhaps the most exciting thing about what’s left in the Warriors 2018-19 schedule is two meetings against the Denver Nuggets; both at home. The Nuggets have been one of the most surprising teams in the NBA this year, and it’s intriguing to see how Golden State matchup against them.

Miami Heat at Golden State WarriorsFebruary 10, 2019Sunday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena
Utah Jazz at Golden State WarriorsFebruary 12, 2019Tuesday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Sacramento Kings at Golden State WarriorsFebruary 21, 2019Thursday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Houston Rockets at Golden State WarriorsFebruary 23, 2019Saturday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena
Boston Celtics at Golden State WarriorsMarch 05, 2019Tuesday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Denver Nuggets at Golden State WarriorsMarch 08, 2019Friday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Phoenix Suns at Golden State WarriorsMarch 10, 2019Sunday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena
Indiana Pacers at Golden State WarriorsMarch 21, 2019Thursday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Dallas Mavericks at Golden State WarriorsMarch 23, 2019Saturday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena
Detroit Pistons at Golden State WarriorsMarch 24, 2019Sunday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena
Charlotte Hornets at Golden State WarriorsMarch 31, 2019Sunday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena
Denver Nuggets at Golden State WarriorsApril 02, 2019Tuesday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State WarriorsApril 05, 2019Friday – 7:30 PMOracle Arena
Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State WarriorsApril 07, 2019Sunday – 5:30 PMOracle Arena

The last couple of weeks in the regular season should be a smooth ride for the Warriors before they enter the playoffs. They face teams the Lakers, Cavaliers, Clippers, Pelicans, and Grizzlies. Other than the LA Clippers, the rest of the opponents are struggling franchises. Golden State is not a team that wastes much of its time looking at the schedule and circling other teams. Instead, the opponents are the ones marking whenever they have to play Warriors in the calendar.

Once they reach the postseason, beating Golden State is a tough ask for anybody. They are likely to have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. The oddsmakers listed them as the favorites to end the regular season with the best record in the Western Conference. Then, teams in the playoffs will have to beat the Warriors four times to eliminate them, and that seems like a reach. The Warriors don’t often lose in the regular season, let alone four times against the same opponent in a span of two weeks.  Have fun betting on the Golden State Warriors. They are one of the best bets out of any sport, not just the NBA.

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