College Basketball Futures

College Basketball Futures BetsCollege basketball future bets are outright bets on whether a team or player will accomplish a specific task, such as which team or player will win the National Title or win College Player of the Year. Bets on which team will win the National Title or 2019 NCAA Tournament is easily the most popular futures bet centered around college basketball betting markets. Futures markets won’t have large betting limits but still, provide a very profitable betting opportunity.

You will be able to find higher betting limits on sides and totals for college basketball, especially when it comes to betting March Madness, but it shouldn’t stop you from including these college basketball bets in your betting arsenal. There is also a much longer wait time for these bets to settle (in most cases) compared to more traditional stakes. Still, there is plenty of value to be had with college basketball and March Madness futures bets.

2019 NCAA Tournament Futures Betting Sites

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2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament Futures Odds

NCAA Tournament futures are released before the start of each college basketball season and are adjusted throughout the regular season, conference tournaments, and March Madness. In addition to the outright winner of the tournament, there are lots of other futures involved with teams in the tournament, such as which teams will make the Sweet 16, Elite 8, or Final Four and more. The futures markets available depend on the oddsmaker, but every college hoops betting site will have the market of which team will win the NCAA Tournament.

College Basketball and March Madness Futures

The basics of betting futures are simple (more on NCAA college basketball betting). There are no points spread or handicap to worry about. They’re like moneyline betting in that your selection must win for the bet to be graded as a winner. The good side is that the potential return on futures, especially long shot bets, is much higher than that of a straight bet on a college basketball side or total. The most popular college basketball futures bet is a wager on which team will win the NCAA Tournament or March Madness. Let’s look at placing a futures bet:

NCAA College Basketball Futures Odds

2019 NCAA Tournament Futures Bet

Let’s say we wanted to bet on the Kentucky Wildcats to win the Men’s NCAA National Championship. The betting markets at have them at +850. The payout works the same way as moneyline odds no matter which team you’re betting. For this market, the team you place your bet on must win the National Title and NCAA Tournament for the bet to be graded as a winner.

Math Behind NCAA Basketball Futures Bets

ncaab bettingFuture bets on college basketball are expressed in money line odds. Since Kentucky is +850 to win the NCAA Championship, a $100 bet would return $850 or $950, if you include your $100 stake.

Profitability of Basketball Futures Bets – Calculating Your Edge

One of the significant drawbacks of future bets is their larger vigorish or bookmaker’s fee charged to their markets compared to straight bets on sides and totals. It is possible to calculate the vig charged by sportsbooks on futures, but this isn’t usually a cause worthy of your time. If you want to place a college basketball future bet, it’s best to line shop for the best at multiple sportsbooks before placing your bet. Higher vigorish is a downside of betting futures, but one of the major positives is how they’re less efficient than other markets. One with excellent knowledge of college basketball will undoubtedly find value in future odds.

Current Odds To Win The 2019 NCAA Tournament

Current Odds To Win The 2019 NCAA Tournament - Top 5 Teams

College Basketball Futures Betting Strategy

There isn’t much change in strategy when it comes to betting futures in college basketball compared to other sports. Knowledge of the game, just like betting on any event or sports, always helps. As mentioned above, line shopping is a must. There are wide variations in pricing when it comes to all futures markets.

Don’t Bet Too Many College Hoops Futures

We realize this article is about future betting, but there are good reasons dive too deep into futures. Their high vigorish is one reason, but tying up a bankroll, especially for those new to betting is not ideal. The money is worth a bit more if you can roll through it each night when betting, instead of tying it up for months, which is often the case with betting futures. (Tips on handicapping college basketball)

Look for Value Before and After Critical Basketball Games

College Basketball Futures Betting on March MadnessIn many cases, futures markets will adjust after each night of games. Looking at the schedule and seeing which games are coming up is one way to bet before or after the odds adjust. You may see value on a team after the market changes too rapidly or not enough to a significant win or loss. Teams that seem overpriced at the start of the season may be a lot more affordable in futures markets as the year progresses leading up to the tournament.

Hedging Your NCAA Basketball Futures Bets

When you’re betting futures, there are always hedging opportunities. Whether it is hedging a future bet you made previously or placing a futures bet to hedge another future bet – it’s something to consider if you have a potentially big payout coming. However, before you decide to hedge your bet, make sure it’s worth it.

2019 NCAA Tournament Futures Betting Sites

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