NCAA Basketball Futures

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NCAA Basketball Futures Betting

NCAA basketball futures are outright bets on whether a team or player will accomplish a specific task, such as which player will win College Player of the Year or which team will win the National Title.

Bets on which team will win the National Title or NCAA Tournament are easily the most popular futures bets centered around college basketball

College Basketball futures markets won’t have significant betting limits, like sides and totals, but still, provide profitable betting opportunities you shouldn’t miss.

2024 NCAA Tournament Futures Betting Sites

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Current Odds To Win The NCAA Basketball Tournament

Looking to bet on who will win this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament? Check out the NCAAB futures odds below from BetNow and place your bets today.

College Team MyBookie NCAAM Lines
Michigan State+1000
Virginia Tech+5000
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College Team MyBookie NCAAM Lines
Texas Tech+4000
Iowa State+8000
Florida State+17500
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2024 College Basketball Futures Odds Explained

NCAA futures odds are released before the start of each college basketball season and are adjusted throughout the regular season, conference tournaments, and March Madness.

In addition to the outright winner of the tournament, there are lots of other futures involved with the tournament, such as which NCAAB teams will make the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four, and more.

The markets available depend on the oddsmaker, but NCAAB betting sites will have the market of which team will win the NCAA Tournament.

College Basketball and March Madness Futures

Being just one part of NCAAB betting, the basics of futures betting are simple: there are no point spreads or totals to consider.

They’re like moneyline wagers in that your selection must-win for the bet to be graded as a winner. There are no pushes. Every bet will be graded as a win or loss.

The good side is that the potential return, especially on long-shot bets, is much higher than that of a straight bet on a college basketball side or total.

The most popular college basketball futures bet is a wager on which team will win the NCAA Tournament. March Madness betting is huge among bettors – futures are definitely bets most place.

Placing A Bet On The 2020 NCAA Tournament Futures Example

Below we find some odds for the top teams in college basketball to win the 2020 National Title. Let’s say you place a bet on the NCAA basketball futures odds:

  • Gonzaga +600
  • Kansas +650
  • Baylor +850
  • Duke +900
  • San Diego State +1000

The above odds are expressed in moneyline or American odds format. Say we have $100 and are looking to place a futures bet on Duke at +900.

Since the bet is +900 and moneyline odds are expressed in the amount you will win if you wager $100, then we’re risking $100 to win $900 on to Duke to win the NCAA Tournament and the National Title.

We only have two possible outcomes with this bet:

  1. Duke wins the National Title, and we win $900.
  2. Duke loses the National Title, and we lose $100.

There can be no pushes, and the amount they win by or the points scored in the game is not relevant. It is all or nothing.

Profitability Of Futures Bets On NCAA Basketball

One of the significant drawbacks of future bets is the larger vigorish or bookmaker’s fee charged to their markets compared to straight bets on sides and totals.

NBA Futures betting

It is possible to calculate the vig charged by sportsbooks, but this isn’t usually a cause worthy of your time.

If you want to place a college basketball future bet, it’s best to line shop for the best at multiple sportsbooks before placing your bet.

Higher vigorish is a downside of betting futures, but one of the major positives is how they’re less efficient than other markets. One with excellent knowledge of college basketball will undoubtedly find value.

Top Sites To Bet On NCAAB Futures 2024

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  • Offers VIP program
  • Reliable software
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2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Highlights
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  • Crypto-friendly
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College Basketball Futures Betting Strategy To Follow

There isn’t much change in strategy when it comes to betting NCAA basketball futures in college basketball compared to other sports.

Knowledge of the game, just like betting on any event or sports, always helps. As mentioned above, line shopping is a must as there are wide variations in pricing.

  1. Don’t Bet Too Many College Hoops Futures

    There are good reasons NOT to dive too deep into futures. Their high vigorish is one reason, but tying up a bankroll, especially for those new to betting, is not ideal.

    The money is worth a bit more if you can roll through it each night when betting, instead of tying it up for months, which is often the case with betting futures.

  2. Look for Value Before and After Critical Basketball Games

    In many cases, futures markets will adjust after each night of games. Looking at the schedule and seeing which games are coming up is one way to bet before or after the odds adjust.

    You may see value on a team after the market changes too rapidly or not enough to a significant win or loss.

    Teams that seem overpriced at the start of the season may be a lot more affordable in futures markets as the year progresses leading up to the tournament.

  3. Hedging Your NCAA Basketball Futures Bets

    There are always hedging opportunities. Whether it is hedging a future bet you made previously or placing a futures bet to hedge another bet – it’s something to consider if you have a potentially big payout coming.

    However, before you decide to hedge your bet, make sure it’s worth it.

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