March Madness Prop Bets

March Madness Prop Bets

Betting March Madness prop bets is the best way to join the NCAA Tournament fun!

March Madness betting handle seems to increase every year, and a big reason for that is the increased amount of wagering on propositions.

Prop bets include any betting market that isn’t related to the final outcome of the game. That’s a wide range of bets aside from sides, totals, and moneylines that are available at every betting site online.

If you do your homework, proposition betting can give you a much larger edge than any other betting market. In many cases, limits on these bets are also explicitly increased for the NCAA Tournament.

Read on to learn more about these bets and ways to maximize your edge.

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Fun March Madness Prop Bets 2020

March Madness prop bets work exactly as traditional proposition bets. Most are centered around teams and players. For instance, you could bet on the first team to score ten points or the number of points a player might score in a particular game.

Most props are not similar to outright bets, but instead, over/under or in a totals type format. They usually include a half-point or hook, which means they can’t push.

March Madness Player Props

These are the most common prop bet you will see at online betting sites. They’re also the best if you want to gain the largest edge on the sportsbooks during March Madness.

The most common player prop is usually on the number of points a player might score, but there are lots of others, such as rebounds, assists, points + rebounds, assists + rebounds, and so on.

Example of a NCAA Tournament Prop Bet

Zion Williamson Points Scored

  • Zion Williamson 23.5 Over -115
  • Zion Williamson 23.5 Under -115

In this player prop, we are betting on the number of points Zion Williamson will score in the game. Bettors can wager over or under on the number. If they place a wager on the over, Williamson must score 24 points or more for the bet to be a winner. If they place a bet on the under, he must score 23 points or less for the wager to be graded as a win.

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March Madness Team Props

Instead of a player focus, team props will focus on the team’s performance during the game.

During March Madness betting, you could have stuff like “Which team will score first?” or “Which team will score 10 points first?”. There are several variations of these at most betting sites.

College basketball team totals are also available for every game of the tournament and fall under the prop category.

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NCAA Tournament Live Betting Props

All of these props and more will be available when it comes to live betting markets. March Madness live betting is genuinely one of the best ways to enjoy the tournament.

Not only will you have access to sides, totals, and moneylines, but an increasing number of proposition bets. We recommend taking advantage of this during the Big Dance.

Top Sites For Betting On NCAAB Tournament Props

Ready to place your March Madness prop bets? Check out our top three recommended sites and join in the fun:

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#3 50% Up To $1,000 Bet & Win

Check out our complete review of the best online March Madness betting sites

How To Get Better At Betting March Madness Prop Bets

There are a few ways to maximize your ability to win at March Madness props. This type of bet is more about individual matchups than team versus team. They’re also a lot softer compared to broader markets, such as sides and totals.

If you can dedicate yourself to understanding the basics and putting in the work, then profitability with March Madness props is easily possible.

Monitor Injuries & Player/Team Statistics

You don’t have to be a college basketball expert, but learning as much about the teams and players in the tournament will help. Monitoring injury situations is definitely useful.

Unlike in professional basketball, oddsmakers may be a bit slower to update when it comes to late-breaking news. Regardless, knowing the teams and players is the best way to break down individual matchups, which is exactly how you win at player props.

Bet As Much As You Can

Prop betting is a recreational market, but one that sportsbooks will still watch closely for sharps that are taking advantage of soft odds. You may be limited for even betting $100 on these bets.

It is best to maximize your opportunity here and bet the maximum that your bankroll allows. You may be limited on prop bets regardless, so it’s best to get the most of the betting site before that happens.

Use Twitter To Follow March Madness Writers

College basketball has groups of dedicated beat writers that follow these teams far closer than anyone.

If you’re already betting college hoops, this is a must, but once the tournament begins, there are a lot of more follows to add. This will make adapting to late-breaking news before the oddsmakers much easier, which can be extremely valuable in prop markets.

NCAA Tournament Prop Betting Strategy

March Madness Betting Strategy

Aside from increasing your knowledge of the game and staying on top of the news, there are a few strategies you can take implement that will maximize your winning March Madness propositions.

These strategies are a must if you want to gain an edge during the tournament.

Betting Strat #1Don’t Forget To Line Shop

Line shopping is vitally essential to success at all forms of sports betting, not just March Madness prop betting. However, it has a lot more value when betting sides. There will be far more differences in odds than there will be in larger markets, like sides and totals. It is an absolute must to line shop when wagering on player sides.

Betting Strat #2Use Multiple March Madness Betting Sites

This strategy ties into our previous strategy and our next piece of advice. Using multiple betting sites and sportsbooks will allow you to line shop more effectively and be able to bet more money on props where you find a more considerable edge.

Betting Strat #3Maximize Your Bonus Offers

Lots of sportsbooks will offer promotional bonuses for March Madness, but that isn’t even necessary if you’re new to online betting or can find some reputable online sportsbooks where you have not made an account and deposited yet.

You can easily clear thousands in deposit bonuses by signing at multiple different betting sites. These will be a huge help to your bankroll for all sorts of March Madness betting, including props.

March Madness Props Pool Betting

If you are still hungry for betting on the Big Dance, we recommend creating a pool of friends and placing bets amongst each other.

We have created a prop bet sheet for you to print out and have a blast with your friends.

The rules are simple and easy to follow. Whoever gets the highest number of correct answers wins the pool!

March Madness Prop Bets Sheet

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