March Madness Live Betting

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March Madness Live Betting

If you are a fan of NCAA Basketball and in-play betting, there is no better time of the year for you than March Madness!

March Madness live betting allows you to wager as the action plays out on the court, with sportsbook odds updating on-the-fly as the game unravels.

It’s far more exciting than pre-match betting, and almost all of the same markets are available.

Read on to learn everything before betting live on the NCAAB Tournament and find out how to place your wagers safely.

Best Sites For March Madness Live Betting

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How To Bet On Live March Madness Games

  1. Choose A Betting Site

    All sportsbooks will have odds on March Madness, and that includes live betting. However, we recommend reading our guide with the best online sportsbooks before you decide to deposit.

    It also may be worth checking out the live betting software and available markets for wagering live. Live betting platforms can differ between sportsbooks quite drastically, so it’s vital to choose one with a great platform.
  2. Make Your Deposit

    Depositing at an online betting site is a simple process. You will have plenty of options, regardless of your location. Credit or debit card deposits tend to be the more convenient for most players.
  3. Find March Madness Betting Markets

    With the tournament happening, these will usually be prominently featured on the betting site’s main page. If not, then they can be found under the betting menu of the sportsbook.

    Once you have located the March Madness live betting menus, then it’s time to place a bet.
  4. Place A Bet

    After finding the markets and looking at the available games, it’s time to place a bet. Make sure your bet amount and selection is correct before hitting confirm.

    You will need to act quickly when live betting college basketball as the odds will change based on the play on the court.

    It may be a matter of seconds before the odds change and your current wager disappears or is not valid anymore.

    Unlike pre-match wagers, not all live wagers are accepted. Be sure to look for a confirmation slip when placing a live bet.
  5. Enjoy The Tournament!

    The NCAA Tournament is an exciting event, even without live betting or gambling. Once you introduce that extra element, it makes it 10x more fun.

    Sit back and enjoy it! If you are still not fully satisfied and are looking for more action, we recommend filling out the March Madness bracket with your friends.

Top Sportsbooks For March Madness Live Betting

If you are looking to place bets on live March Madness games this year, use these sites for the best odds and lines.

Rank NCAAB Betting Sites Deposit Bonus Highlights Get Started
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  • Offers VIP program
  • Reliable software
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2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
  • US Bettors Only
  • VIP Program
  • Low Rollover
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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Highlights
  • Competitive odds
  • Solid banking options
  • Crypto-friendly
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Check out our review of the Best March Madness Betting Sites

How March Madness In-Play Betting Works

Live betting or in-play betting, as it is sometimes called, is simply live wagering odds provided by the sportsbooks, that are updated as the game happens.

Odds will reset during timeouts or commercials or as the game plays outs, live, on the court.

Bettors will be able to wager on many different options when it comes to MM live betting, such as the point spread, totals, and even March Madness prop bets.

March Madnesss Live Betting Feature

The way bets are graded does not change whether it is live betting or pre-match wagering. As long as a wager is accepted, it will be graded using the same rules.

For us, live March Madness betting is college basketball wagering on steroids.

In the early days of the tournament, there are always multiple games going on at once. This means more betting and winning opportunities.

March Madness Live Betting Strategy

Live March Madness Betting Strategy

There are a few strategies one can implement to increase profitability when it comes to live betting college basketball and March Madness.

Live betting can be chaotic and hectic at times, and that’s precisely why a strategy is needed.

You’re going to have to make quick decisions on-the-fly, and your bankroll will depend on them.

Strategy #1Use Multiple Betting Sites

Bettors will find a much more significant variation in pricing when it comes to live betting markets compared to pre-match odds.

By using multiple sportsbooks, you will find yourself with a far better betting selection of odds and the ability to bet more money on prices you like.

There is no downside to using multiple reputable sportsbooks. Line shopping will always save you money in the long run.

Strategy #2Take Advantage of Basketball’s Variance

Basketball is a game of runs. One team may go on a 10-0 to start the game but then may not be able to make a shot for several minutes.

However, every time this happens, the odds adjust. These runs can be taken advantage of when betting live on March Madness.

This is especially true if you felt a particular team was not affordable in the pre-match markets, or you missed a line move.

Strategy #3Use Live Betting For Arbitrage

This can be a risky strategy if a sportsbook has a habit of canceling live bets or their software makes it hard to get a wager approved, but one that can also be quite profitable if you’re able to find a lot of differences in the market.

Many sports gamblers make a living off arbitrage betting.

You will have to find two betting sites that don’t have a habit of rejecting live bets, and then you may find yourself with the ability to lock in a profit without any risk.

Best March Madness Live Bets

For the most part, bettors won’t see much of a difference in options when betting on live March Madness games.

The markets you see available before the games start, such as sides (point spreads), moneylines, and totals, will all be there.

There will also be several different options for propositions bets.

March Madness Side Bets

Sides are the most basic of bet types. College basketball uses a point spread, like the NBA.

When live betting March Madness, the point spread will be updated throughout the game, based on the score.

Moneylines are also available when live betting the tournament. These will also be adjusted live as the game plays out.

March Madness Live Totals Bets

The totals will also be updated live. College basketball totals are the second most popular live betting market.

The total is the number of points scored by both teams. It includes both overtime and regulation.

March Madness Live Proposition Bets

There are a lot of propositions available when live betting March Madness. Proposition bets are wagers that are not related to the final score of the game.

Some popular NCAA tournament live prop bets include team totals, which team will score the most points, which team will score the next basket and so on.

These are up to the oddsmakers and can be quite off-the-wall at some sportsbooks.

Why Bet Live On College Hoops?

ncaab betting

Live betting is the future of sports betting. And, guess what? The future is already here.

These days, in-play or live bets are near on par with pre-match wagers in terms of the number of bets placed.

There is nothing more fun than live betting on college basketball, especially during an event like March Madness where there is nearly endless action.

Just go ahead pick a trusted sportsbook, find an interesting bet, place it and have fun!

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