2019 League Of Legends Worlds Finals: G2 Vs FPX Betting Odds And Pick

G2 vs FPX League of Legends Worlds Finals Betting Odds and Picks

G2 Esports (G2) Vs. FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) Betting Odds And Prediction

After about a month of intense gameplay, two teams are left standing. G2 plays against FPX for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship title.

Representing the West and Europe are G2 Esports (G2). Coming off a completely unexpected 3-1 win over three-time world champions SKTelecom T1 (SKT), linemakers have them as the slight favorite at -120.

On the other side, the Chinese one seed FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) beat their fellow countrymen Invictus Gaming 3-1 as well.

Both teams are peaking at the perfect time to set up a high tempo and incredibly exciting matchup.

2019 LoL Worlds Finals Betting Lines

G2 vs. FPX
-1.5 (+180) Spread +1.5 (-230)
-120 Moneyline -105
O 4.5 (+165) Total U 4.5 (-210)
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The moneyline opened at -120 in favor of G2, with FPX a close underdog at -105.

LoL Worlds – G2 vs. FPX Map 1 Betting Odds

G2 vs. FPX
-4.5 (+105) Spread +4.5 (-135)
-125 Moneyline -120
O 28.5 (-115) Total Kills U 28.5 (-115)
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League of Legends Worlds Finals Experience Level

For all ten of these players, this is their first LoL World Championship finals.

However, G2 has a little more experience on the big stage than FPX. They won the Mid-Season Invitational back in May after also beating SKT in the semis and Team Liquid in the finals.

How Will FPX Players Handle The Pressure?

The players on FPX are probably used to being under pressure. This is the first World Championship for all of their players, and sometimes things change when everything is on the line.

It would be wrong to say that all the pressure is on FPX. G2 has the chance to be the first team in history to win every single tournament of the year and also be the first non-Chinese or Korean team to win worlds since Fnatic back in Season One.

Comparing G2 And FPX Player Performance

Going into the matchups, it’s insane how close these two teams match up to each other.

G2 Player Strategy

G2 tends to play through their star mid laner Caps while using their top as a secondary carry and their bot lane as an insurance policy.

How FPX Could Counter

FPX relies on their mid laner Doinb picking any champion he wants and roaming the map while somehow keeping up in cs. He will usually tag along with his jungler Tian to make a play bot lane with a four-man dive or go top to get Gimgoon ahead.

The interesting part is that G2 can play the same way. Even though Caps doesn’t use non-traditional mid laners like Doinb, he is still heavily involved in roaming the map with his jungler Jankos.

How Does The Kill Count Look Like?

With these similar styles, expect there to be a ton of early kills.

We know FPX likes to fight even when given a 50-50 outcome, but G2 will also take fights that are 40-60. They were able to beat SKT even when behind due to their flawless execution in team fights.

FPX Messy Gameplay And G2’s Controlled Decisions

The issue I see for FPX coming into this game is that they tend to be messy even when they’re ahead. They’ll take 55-45 fights because they believe they can execute teamfights better than their opponents.

G2 are more controlled in their decisions but know exactly when to put their foot on the gas, which means that FPX will be cornered into taking bad fights.

G2 Vs. FPX LoL Worlds Finals Prediction

Most of these games will follow a storyline where FPX gets an early dive off top or bot lane. However, G2 will counter around an objective forcing FPX to take a poor fight.

From there, G2 would be able to snowball their lead around baron, knowing that FPX will try to initiate into them even without vision control. For this reason, I believe that G2 should be bigger favorites than what they’re listed at the betting site. Take G2 at -120.

Knowing these teams’ playstyles, we should also take the Over 28.5 kills in Map 1.

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