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Copa America betting

The Copa America tournament is one of the most significant events in the soccer and football world each year. While the European Championships and the World Cup will always get more ink than the Copa America – the tournament showcases the best international clubs in South America.

The tournament is over 100 years old and like other major international tournaments, is held every four years. The competition is one of the most significant football wagering events every four years it is held.

If you’re a fan of international football and more specifically, South American football, then Copa America should be of interest to you. There is a massive list of Copa America betting odds with betting markets expanding each year.

If you’re already a soccer bettor, then you should have the basics down, but there are also many Copa America betting strategies you can employ. This year will be the 46th edition of the tournament. South America’s football ruling body CONMEBOL organized it. This year will be held in Brazil.

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Who Was The Last Champion?

Chile is the reigning champion, having won the 2015 and 2016 editions of the tournament. The tournament follows most international tournament formats, with a notable exception being that the last round of matches in the group stage is not scheduled at the same time. From there, the knockout stage is a single-elimination tournament that begins with the quarter-finals, then semi-finals, third-place match and the final.

2024 Copa America Betting Analysis

The tournament will have a host of different betting odds. There will be odds for every match, along with other bet types, such as propositions and futures. There are 12 teams in the Copa America tournament. The odds to win are listed below with the corresponding teams:

Odds To Win Copa America Final

Copa America Odds Analysis

Brazil leads the pack as the favorite to win at +110. The closest behind them is Argentina at +450. Chile, the team that has won the last two Copa Americas, has some enticing odds at +1000. Slightly in front of them in Colombia at +900 and Uruguay at +700, two teams that made a strong run in the last World Cup. The only two teams not from South or Central America are Japan +3300 and Qatar +8000.

Our Pick To Win Copa America

Our top pick to win the 2020 Copa America is Argentina at +175. These are better odds than most other sportsbooks we’ve seen online. La Albiceleste has notoriously not performed well in tournaments, but there is still immense talent on the blue and white. They also have an excellent attack that rivals any offense in the competition with the trio of Aguero, Dybala, and Messi. It will be tough for any team to take out Brazil on their home soil, but Argentina has the team to do it. At +450, you will also get quite the payout if they manage to pull it off.

Our Favorite Long Shot to Win Copa America

Our favorite long-shot team to win is Chile. The reigning champion is not a favorite to get out of their group, but they do still have a lot of talent in their squad. The issue is that the Chileans have not performed well, leading up to Copa America. Still, there is a lot of experience on this team, and we’re getting 13/1 on them taking down the tournament. That is a bet I like.

Copa America Betting Types

There are many different types of Copa America betting markets, but those familiar with soccer betting won’t see anything they are unfamiliar with when it comes to football betting tips. Copa America betting is easy and straightforward. All it takes is a basic understanding of soccer betting markets.

  1. Copa America 1X2 betting – The most common market in soccer is 1X2 betting, where gamblers can wager either side or a draw. There is also a variation of that which is called double chance betting. Another popular market is over/under or totals betting. It is vital to note unless otherwise stated, that all these markets only include 90 minutes, plus added time, but not extra time periods or penalty kicks. Any goals scored after the 90 minutes won’t count.
  2. Copa America Asian Handicap – One of the most popular football odds for Copa America 2020 and for soccer betting, in general, are Asian handicaps. These have less vigorish than 1X2 markets and have a definitive outcome, meaning they include goals from extra time or shootouts. We have an entire section dedicated to Asian handicap betting.
  3. Proposition Bets For Copa America – Finally, there is a massive list of proposition bets available for each match of the tournament, along with futures bets, which we listed above. Each match has dozens of different props at many betting sites, including stuff like if a player will score a goal, the number of corner kicks taken, the number of cards issued and so on.
  4. Copa America Live Betting – Live betting has become extremely popular in recent years and is now a mainstay at every online sportsbook. Many of the markets listed above will be available when live betting or in-play wagering on the Copa America. All odds will be updated as the game plays out, in real time.

Best Betting Sites To Bet The Copa America For US Bettors

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Copa America Printable Bracket

Free Official Copa America Bracket Printable PDF

If you love Copa America and like most Americans adore March Madness you shouldn’t feel guilty about betting to encourage friendly competition among your friends or colleagues.

When you have gotten your group together, go ahead and print our Official Copa America Bracket.

Don’t miss the instructions on how to fill it out and make it a fun betting event for everybody.

                  Get Your Free Printable Copa America Official Bracket

When the group phase is over, circulate the sheets and award two points for each win, then four and eight, respectively, for wins in the quarters and semis. Award twelve for the consolation match (third and fourth place) and sixteen for the championship. Throughout the Copa, bets like selecting the player with most goals, or team, to score, or picking a player to strike at some point during the game, are popular side prop bets.

Copa America Betting Strategies

There are a few strategies you can employ to maximize your chances of making a profit when betting on the 2020 Copa America. General football and soccer betting strategies apply, but there are also specific tournament and Copa America betting strategies you can employ.

Bet Underdogs

copa america betting strategies - bet the underdogs

Notice that we gave out futures picks on both a favorite and an underdog. When betting futures, splitting your bets between teams you think are likely to win, and some longshots give you some value and upside. The same goes for match betting. Most of the people who bet on sports lose and most of those people lean towards betting favorites.

One could make a case that the market shades odds towards favorites in many cases, especially when it comes to highly wagered events. The Copa America is a heavily bet event. Not only by those in Latin America but worldwide. The teams that the public is in love with, such as Brazil, may get more action than justified. Bettors will also find that their breakeven percentage is much higher when betting underdogs, especially on the moneyline, compared moderate or large favorites.

It’s not a hard and fast rule to bet underdogs, but you should generally lean towards betting them instead of big favorites. Notably, in cases where the sport or market you’re betting on is popular with the public and online betting sites offer significant wagering limits.

Stay On Top Of The Action

You can certainly still bet on the Copa America 2020 if you’re not a soccer fan, but it helps to watch the sport and have a knowledge of the teams and players. Looking at the tournament schedule and analyzing potential let-down spot or only when players may be suffering from fatigue is another way to analyze betting markets precisely.

Watching the games and staying on top of the news also allows you to act more quickly. If you see something in the odds that you like, you may be able to beat a market move and get in a price that beats the closing odds. The tournament features some of the best talents in the world and a full slate of betting options when it comes to pre-match and live betting wagers.

Also, since it’s such a big event, betting limits should be quite high at most sportsbooks. If you’re new to online betting, check out our guide to the best online gambling sites. New bettors will be able to take advantage of large deposit bonuses, which will be an immediate boost to their bankrolls going into the tournament.

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