NCAAB Point Spread Betting

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NCAAB Point Spread Betting

The point spread is the most popular form of betting in American sports.

Handicapping the NCAAB point spread is popular because the oddsmakers create an active betting market on both sides of a wager.

It makes both teams enticing, even though one squad might be more heavily talented than the other.

If you are not an avid college basketball bettor, you are missing out on an opportunity to bet on a fantastic lineup of games every night.

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March Madness and the NCAAB regular season are a buffet of options with lots of value if you do your homework.

We will explain how to bet the NCAAB point spread and different strategies to gain an edge.

College Basketball Point Spread Betting

The point spread is the number given by the oddsmakers to each team in any game.

The goal is to make a matchup between two uneven teams a lot more interesting from the betting perspective. But it also works on scenarios where teams have a similar status.

Point Spread Example

Point Spread Example

For the sake of argument, let’s use NCAAB teams with different levels.

Let’s say Duke plays Little Rock, and the sportsbooks don’t set up a point spread for either team.

Instead, both teams have the same value. Not one soul is going to put money on Little Rock, and everybody will ride Duke.

Of course, this will make the sports betting sites lose a lot of money. Duke is likely to win the game every time.

The point spread will ensure there is enough interest in putting some action on both sides, instead of just the favorite.

How Does NCAA Basketball Point Spreads Work

Using the same two teams above, let’s try to explain the NCAA Basketball point spread in a more specific way.

Whenever you sign up to a new sportsbook looking for college basketball betting lines, you will find something like this:

  • Duke -23.5 (-110)
  • Little Rock +23.5 (-110)

The minus sign () shows the favorite team, and the number next to the sign is the point spread set for the matchup.

For example, if the Blue Devils are 23.5-point favorites, they need to win by 24 points or more to win the bet.

Little Rock is the underdog in this scenario, and it is easy to identify it by the plus sign (+) next to the spread.

The Trojans can lose by up to 23 points or win the game outright to collect a wager on their side. 

The point spread gives both teams value, and the bettor can decide which side to bet on.

By creating a point spread, the oddsmakers will make Little Rock attractive for bettors.

Bet NCAAB Point Spreads at Our Recommended Sportsbooks

The first thing a good bettor does is finding the right place (s) to bet. You will want several accounts on trustworthy sportsbooks where you can line shop and wager with the best prices.

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We have several options for you. Don’t forget to claim your NCAAB welcome bonus on any of these sports betting sites.

There are also several ways to make your deposits, being credit and debit cards the most popular ones, however, you can also make cryptocurrency deposits, which are gaining more and more popularity.

Depending on your deposit method, you might be awarded juicy bonuses, so as we’ve stated, make sure to take advantage of those.

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NCAAB Point Spread Strategy

You will find many people claiming they have the winning strategy to beat sportsbooks when betting the point spread.

Becoming a winner takes a lot of effort and consistency. There isn’t a bulletproof strategy out there. Yet, you can maximize your edge with a few essential pointers. Such as:

  1. Learn how the NCAAB betting market works

    Most people don’t have an idea how the college basketball betting lines are set. There are a couple of sportsbooks with expert personnel setting up the lines. Those are the market makers.

    Most sportsbooks, however, will copy the NCAAB betting lines, and that’s where the edge is for smart bettors.

    Once you identify the market makers vs. the copycat sportsbooks, you are in the information game, leading me to…

  2. Always line shop

    The sportsbooks that copy the betting lines from others are usually a step behind in the odds-making process. A savvy bettor can find a better number just by looking around and doing the homework.

    The difference between a winning and a losing bet can be one or even just half of a point. By jumping quickly into a good number on a lazy sportsbook, you can gain a massive advantage.

    Also, the prices between one sportsbook and the next vary depending on the action. By shopping around, you might pay less at the sportsbook B for the same point spread you saw at book A.

    Just remember to bet on the trustworthy sports betting sites we recommend.

  3. Watch, study, and learn

    There is no bigger tool in sports betting than information. Either the betting info that we talked about above or the teams’ and games’ knowledge, watching college basketball will give you an edge over the oddsmakers and sportsbooks.

    The professional leagues don’t have over 32 teams. The NCAA has 350 schools of 32 Division I basketball conferences. Each school represents an opportunity to find the edge over the sportsbook when betting the college basketball point spread.

Betting on NCAAB Via The Point Spread

College Basketball Betting Tips

Anybody looking to take sports betting seriously needs to understand the point spread. Actually, recreational bettors should know how it works too.

Betting on NCAAB via point spread has a significant advantage over totals, prop bets, and futures. Because the oddsmakers are so confident about their spread number, the betting limits are higher.

The more you wager, the higher the potential returns. That’s one reason NCAA point spread basketball is so popular. If you can beat NCAAB point spreads, you can get a decent amount of money down, at just about every sportsbook online.

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