Let’s Play 20 Questions – NFL Betting Edition!

Football Betting Questions

What happens to a parlay bet if a game gets postponed? What’s a double result wager in the NFL? These are some of the many common questions about football betting.

Knowing the answers can help you experience more success as a bettor and have more fun. So check out the following 20 NFL betting questions, and take your football betting strategy to the next level.

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20 Football Betting Questions, Answered By Our Experts

Our experts have received many NFL betting questions over the years. The following 20 questions are some of the most common and helpful to the average bettor.

You may already know the answer to some of these, but others could be new to you.

  1. Can You Bet On A Football Game After It Starts?

    Yes, many online sportsbooks offer live NFL betting. Unlike pre-match betting, live wagering provides updated bets and odds in the middle of games.

    Dozens of live bets are commonly available during any given NFL game.
  2. Can You Bet On Both Teams?

    Yes, wagering on both teams can even be profitable in rare cases. Arbitrage betting is the process of looking for favorable line discrepancies between both teams.

    For example, a team could have -170 odds at one sportsbook while their opponent has +180 odds at another.
  3. What Happens To A Bet If An NFL Game Is Postponed?

    Sportsbooks usually void bets associated with canceled NFL games.

    Exceptions include contests that conclude within the same week or when 10+ minutes have run in the fourth quarter.
  4. What Happens To A Parlay If A Game Is Postponed?

    Most sportsbooks remove the postponed leg of the parlay and let the rest stand.

    For example, a 4-team parlay would become a 3-team bet after one postponement.

    However, some football betting sites may cancel an entire NFL parlay.
  5. What Does Even Mean In Football Betting?

    Even odds (-100 or +100) mean you stand to win the amount you’re risking. Sportsbooks typically don’t offer even odds because they want a small cut (a.k.a. juice) of the action.

    At best, they would offer -105 odds (betting $105 to win $100).
  6. What Is A Straight Bet In Football?

    A straight bet (a.k.a. single bet) only involves one outcome. Examples of straight wagers include moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

    Parlays and teasers are the opposite because these bets both feature multiple outcomes.
  7. What Is A Prop Bet In Football?

    A proposition bet (a.k.a. prop bet) deals with outcomes not associated with the match result.

    For example, a prop wager might ask which running back will rush for the most yards.
  8. What Is The Meaning Of Half Time/Full Time In Football Betting?

    Most football bets involve the full time of a game. For example, if you place a moneyline bet, you’re wagering on which team will win the entire contest.

    However, sportsbooks can also offer half-time wagers on which team will win the first or second half.
  9. Can You Parlay Prop Bets?

    Yes, you can put prop bets on parlays. For instance, you might place a moneyline, point spread, and most passing yards (prop bet) on a 3-team parlay.
  10. Can You Parlay Futures?

    Most betting sites don’t let you put futures on parlay tickets. However, some bookmakers do allow parlay futures in limited cases.
  11. What Happens If You Tie On A Parlay Bet?

    Sportsbooks discount ties on parlays and revert to the lower number of outcomes.

    For example, a 5-team parlay with one tie would become a 4-team parlay.
  12. Is It Better To Bet Over Or Under?

    The value in betting the over or under depends upon the situation. You will get more value on the over in some cases, while you’ll benefit from the under in others.

    In short, neither the over nor under offers an inherent advantage.
  13. What Does SU Mean In Football Betting?

    SU is an abbreviation for straight up, which is a bet involving a single outcome. Common straight-up bets include totals, point spreads, prop wagers, and moneylines.
  14. What Does ATS Stand For In Football Betting?

    ATS refers to a football team’s record against the spread. This concept is popular in football betting strategy and shows how well teams fare against point spreads.

    For example, a team with an 8-2 ATS record has covered their spread eight times in 10 games.
  15. What Does Open Spot Mean In A Parlay Bet?

    Some parlay bets let you select outcomes after submitting your ticket. For instance, you might have to make two selections immediately on a 4-team parlay and have two open spots.

    You’ll be able to complete the remaining legs later, as per the sportsbook’s rules.
  16. What Is A Double Result Bet In Football?

    A double result bet involves two outcomes that closely correlate and can enhance your profits.

    It typically refers to placing both a half-time and full-time bet within the same game.

    If you win the full-game wager, you’re likely to win the half too.
  17. Does Overtime Count In Football Betting?

    Yes, overtime counts in football bets unless otherwise stated. For instance, overtime scoring would factor into determining the result of an over/under wager.
  18. What Is Hedging A Bet?

    Hedging bets refers to wagering on opposite outcomes to either lock in profits or minimize risk.

    Let’s say you place a $100 futures bet on Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl at +2000.

    Tampa Bay makes it to the Super Bowl, but you hedge by wagering $100 on the Bills at +150. You’ll earn $50 if Tampa Bay loses in this situation.
  19. What Does PK Mean In Football Betting?

    PK means pick’em in football betting and refers to when no team has a clear advantage.

    A common PK situation is when two teams have -110 odds on a moneyline.

    PK bets are rare in football because one team typically has an advantage—however slight.
  20. What Is Virtual Football Betting?

    Virtual football betting simulates short football games and uses a random number generator (RNG).

    It’s more akin to an online casino game because it has fixed odds and return to player (e.g., 95% RTP).

    However, virtual football gambling has the look and feel of regular football betting.

Bet on the NFL at These Top Sportsbooks

Many football betting sites are available, but we only suggest the best. Our experts have graded dozens of bookmakers to bring you the best online sportsbooks.

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Step Up Your Football Betting Game!

Football betting is a wide-open world with many bet types, opportunities, and terms. Therefore, you may occasionally get confused by a term or wager type.

We encourage you to refer back to this page for pressing questions on the matter.

Our team also encourages you to check out our top NFL betting sportsbooks. We’ve carefully selected each betting site based on safety, licensing, fair odds, bonuses, and customer support.

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