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USFL Betting

The USFL is back. We will have another form of sports entertainment throughout the year, but we will also have another football league to bet on legally. 

Every year after the NFL Super Bowl, sports betters feel lost because pro and college football is over and we have to wait until August to bet again.

The USFL fills that void! Sports bettors worldwide are now able to bet on football year-round.

Best Sportsbooks To Bet On The USFL

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What Is The USFL?

USFL - United States Football League logo

The USFL is the United States Football League, which returned in 2022 after being shut down in the mid-’80s.

USFL had a short 2-year run from 1983 to 1985 but made a mistake trying to compete with the NFL by switching their season to the Fall.

This time around, the United States Football League plans to keep its season during the springtime.

Can I Bet Online On The USFL?

Great news, yes, you can bet on the USFL.

However, before you start betting on USFL games, make sure to choose a trustworthy online sportsbook, like the ones we are recommending on this page.

Where To Bet On USFL Games: Top Sportsbooks

Sports betting has been increasingly popular, but it is always wise to do some research before selecting an online betting site.

The variety of sports, leagues, events covered, betting lines offered, and the quality of customer service is essential when deciding which sportsbook you choose to use. 

Our experts reviewed all the sportsbooks we recommend, and any of them would be a great choice.

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USFL 2024 Championship Betting Odds

USFL odds

The 2023 United States Football League (USFL) regular season is set to begin on April 15th. This highly-anticipated event marks the start of another exciting season of professional football, where fans will be treated to some of the best action in the country.

The opening games of the 2023 USFL regular season will be held at two prestigious venues: The Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee.

Below are the odds of winning the 2023 USFL Championship for all eight teams.

We will be updating the table once the 2024 odds come out.

TeamBovada logo
Birmingham Stallions+300
New Jersey Generals+300
New Orleans Breakers+500
Memphis Showboats+500
Philadelhphia Stars+500
Houston Gamblers+600
Michigan Panthers+650
Pittsburgh Maulers+700

Who Is Favored To Win The USFL In 2023?

The current USFL champions, the Birmingham Stallions, are the odds-on favorites to win the 2023 USFL title at +300.

The Stallions will have almost every player back from their championship run last season, including their QB J’Mar Smith. They will also have back the team’s receiving yards leader, Myron Mitchell, who led the league with a 14.8 yards-per-catch average in 2022.

Bet On The USFL With a Bonus At BetUS

Bet on the USFL

BetUS is one of the top sportsbooks in the industry. They have over 25 years of experience in the sports betting market.

“America’s favorite sportsbook” accepts wagers on all US-favorite sports, and they were one of the first sites to offer USFL odds.

BetUS offers excellent sign-up bonuses to players, including a 100% Up To $2,500 bonus on your first deposit.

In addition, all users are eligible for re-up or reload bonuses for the lifetime of their account.

How The New USFL Works

How the USFL works

The USFL is composed of eight teams split between two divisions.

Each team plays a 10-game schedule, with teams in the same division playing each other twice and teams in the other division once. 

The top two teams in each division will play against each other in the semifinals, followed by the championship game a week later.

What Are The USFL Teams?

North Division

  • Michigan Panthers
  • New Jersey Generals
  • Philadelphia Stars
  • Pittsburgh Maulers

South Division

  • Birmingham Stallions
  • Houston Gamblers
  • New Orleans Breakers
  • Tampa Bay Bandits

How Will The USFL Get Players?

Each team has 38 roster spots. 35 of those spots were used when drafting players during the inaugural USFL draft.

Teams can fill the rest of the roster spots on undrafted players or in the supplemental draft.

Who Owns The New USFL?

Fox Sports owns the USFL along with Co-founder Brian Woods. Fox Sports invested nearly $200 million into the USFL and plans on running the league for a minimum of three years.

How to bet on the USFL

Placing a bet on the USFL is a straightforward process. Below is a step-by-step process to walk you through how to place your first USFL wager.

  1. Choose a Betting Site

    Choose any one of our recommended USFL sportsbooks from the list above.
  2. Sign Up

    Create an account with a valid email address. Most online sportsbooks require the following: Name, Address, Password, Mobile Phone Number, and email Address.
  3. Load Your Account

    Make a deposit. Most online sites accept any major credit or debit card, wire transfers, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and many others.
  4. Get To Know The Site

    Familiarize yourself with the website. Read the rules and regulations, betting guidelines, and any rollovers that bonuses or promotions may require.
  5. Set Up A Budget

    Set up a budget or bankroll. Do not risk what you cannot afford to lose. This goes back to bankroll management that we went over earlier.
  6. Get Started

    Place your bet!

USFL Vs NFL: What Are The Differences?


The most significant differences between the NFL and USFL are the rules. 

The original USFL introduced some important rule changes that were later adopted by the NFL, such as coach’s challenges and instant replay.

The new NFL again revealed some unique rule changes. The most notable ones are explained below.

3-point Try

Number 1 football icon

After scoring a touchdown, USFL teams will choose to go for 1, 2, or 3 points. An extra point is the same as it is in the NFL.

A two-point conversation will take place from the 2-yard-line. A three-point try, something that the NFL currently does not have, will occur from the 10-yard line.

If a team successfully scores on the play, they will be awarded three points.

Onside Kick Alternative

Number 2 football icon

The USFL will offer a second option for teams trying to maintain possession after a score.

Teams can choose to try to convert one 4th-and-12 play from the 33-yard line.

If they can get 12 yards, they will keep the ball. If they come up short, the opposing team will take possession. 

Clock Stoppages 

Number 3 football icon

Unlike the NFL, the clock will stop following a first down during the final two minutes of the second and fourth quarters.

According to the league, this should add excitement before halftime and at the end of the game.

Overtime Shootout 

Number 4 football icon

USFL overtimes will feature a best-of-three scoring format where each offense will get the ball at the opponent’s 2-yard-line.

If the two teams are still tied after three attempts, overtime will go into sudden death.

Tips To Make Money Betting On The USFL

With the USFL being new to everyone, it might take a few games to understand how the market will react to this league. Below are some general tips on betting on the USFL.

Bankroll Management 

Tip number 1 icon

Successful bettors must manage their bankrolls carefully. Before you make a single sports bet, you should have strict bankroll management rules in place.

First, set aside an amount of money that you can lose without putting yourself in the wrong spot financially.

Once your bankroll is set up, we suggest embracing a flat-betting approach.

Flat betting means betting the same amount on every game and only risking 1% to 5% of your bankroll per play, regardless of your confidence level. A suitable medium is 3% per play.

For example, if you are starting with $1000, you should risk $30 on every bet. 

Shop Around for THE Best Odds

Tip number 2 icon

The easiest thing you can do to improve your edge is to have access to multiple books and do line shopping.

Betting the Bandits moneyline +130 at one book you’re logged into instead of betting them +132 at another may not seem like a big difference, but it could be the difference of being profitable long term.

Being able to find and bet the Bandits +132 rather than +130 is essentially getting $2 of free money added to your bet if it wins.

Avoid Parlays

Tip number 3 icon

Football parlay bets are attractive because bettors can risk a small amount of their bankroll for a potentially big payout.

But betting parlays actually gives the sportsbook more of an edge than they already do.

For example: 

  • A 12-1 parlay gives the house an 18.75% edge if you assume all four games are coin flips. Compare that to just a 4.75% edge for a regular coin flip wager at -110 odds.

Types Of Bets You Can Make On The USFL

Point Spread

Point Spreads
Point Spreads

Football point spreads are the most common type of wager. Every game has a favorite and an underdog of a certain amount of points.

This number is determined by an oddsmaker. A negative number will always represent the favorite, while a positive number shows which team is the underdog.


  • Tampa Bay Bandits -3.5
  • Michigan Panthers +3.5



If you are more interested in simply betting who you think will win the game outright, you want to make a football moneyline wager.

Betting on the favorite will require more money, but on the flip side betting the underdog will also pay out at a higher rate.


  • Houston Gamblers +270
  • New Orleans Breakers -150



Totals or “Over/Under” is a number for the total points that will be scored in a game.

You simply bet if you think the final score will be more (over) or less (under) than that number.


Pittsburgh Maulers vs Philadelphia Stars

  • Over 45.5
  • Under 45.5

Prop Bets

Prop bets

Player props are decided by player performance during a game or event.

Usually, these can be bet on via Over/Under totals or Yes/No propositions.

Example of a football prop bet:

Shea Patterson: Passing Yards

  • Over 275.5 (-105)
  • Under 275.5 (-115)

Future Bets

Future bets

The most popular football future bet is betting on a team to win a championship, division, or conference.

Using the odds above for the USFL Championship, you may see something like this:

  • Michigan Panthers 4/1 (or +400) to win it all. This means if you take Michigan and they win, your bet pays out at 4 to 1 ($100 to win $400).

Briefly History Of The USFL

History of the USFL

The original United States Football League was founded in 1983 and lasted until 1985.

The USFL was intended to be a spring professional football league that served as an alternative to the National Football League.

Things went south when New Jersey General’s owner, Donald Trump (yes, that Donald Trump), pushed the league to shift to a Fall schedule to compete against the NFL head-to-head.

This time around, the USFL will keep its season during Spring.

Currently, USFL’s most immediate competition appears to be the XFL, assuming they start up again soon.

Is The New USFL Connected With Trump In Any Way?

No, Donald Trump will have no involvement in the rebirth of the USFL.

USFL Betting Is Easy!

The online sportsbooks that we recommend are totally safe to bet on the USFL and offer plenty of football betting promo codes for first-time users.

Most sportsbooks listed above also offer promo codes that place extra cash in accounts when they’re funded with USD or cryptocurrency deposits.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the sportsbook you choose so you can feel comfortable, confident, and safe when placing your USFL wagers.

USFL Betting FAQ

What cities have USFL teams?

Houston, Tampa Bay, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Michigan, and New Orleans.

What teams were not used for the USFL relaunch?

Arizona Wranglers, Chicago Blitz, Denver Gold, LA Express, Oakland Invaders, Washington Federals, Orlando Renegade, Jacksonville Bulls, Memphis Showboats, Oklahoma Outlaws.

How much will USFL players make?

$45,000 per season for active players, $15,000 per season for practice squad players, and $600 per week during the USFL training camp. There’s an $850 bonus paid to members of winning teams each week, and a $10,000 bonus paid to the roster of USFL Champions. Additionally, USFL players and staff are eligible for a free college scholarship.

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